mondo*dr Awards – Interview with Rachael Rogerson-Thorley, editor

Sinus, Opus, Mipa and Pipa - during the period of the Prolight + Sound there are a lot of awards, too. 2017 a new awards ceremony was added to the list: the mondo*dr award. Initiated and presented by the journal mondo*dr the award was established to acknowledge exceptional accomplishments in the entertainment industry. We have…

Opus and Sinus: Application Period has Started

Each year at Prolight + Sound the most innovative figures and projects of the event branch are honored in an evening event. The Opus and Sinus Awards for excellence will also be granted in 2018. Applications and suggestions of project, companies or individuals can be submitted until November 12. Online Applications for Awards While the…

Young Talents: The Winners of Future Talents Project

Fashion that makes sounds and frequencies visible, an innovative measurement method for event spotlights, and a self-composed piece of film music – these are the winners of this year’s annual Future Talents Projects. Among other thing the awardees of the youth talent competition could look forward to a guided tour on Young Talents Day Prolight…

Opus Award 2017: “Rocketchris” – Designer and Photographer

Dynamic, three-dimensional, unconventional: the exceptional stage to Rea Garvey’s “Get Loud Ope Air Tour 2016” was fascinating and convincing for fans and scene experts. Once again, the light and stage designer Christian “Rocketchris” Glatthor created a unique, exciting show, and dramatically staging the artist. This is why the light artist, photographer, and designer was awarded…

Opus – Frankfurt Trade Fair Announces Winner

The Opus – Deutscher Bühnenpreis has already honored particular service in the field of theater and stage production, live events as well as open air events for the 15th time. This year two different exciting projects received the trophy. The honorees are, on the one hand, Christian “Rocket Chris” Glatthor, who was convincing in the…

Prolight + Sound: Young Talent Meeting & Awards

Something new: starting right now, those planning to attend Prolight + Sound 2016 can use their projects to take part in the ‘Opus’ and ‘Sinus’ Awards. In addition, future events professionals shouldn’t miss out on the Young Talent Day on Tuesday (5 April 2016). New: Active Application for Awards The Opus German stage prize and…

BMW Multimedia Show: Demonstrating how it can be done

Produktpräsentation BMWCompanies, brands, products: they are all competing for market share. The only hope for success is compelling advertising and skilled presentation. German car producer BMW gave us a glimpse into the future of product presentation at the International Motor Show 2013 in Frankfurt – an achievement that is now being recognised with the German Design Award 2015. Recognition that no one could argue with: the presentation was a real firework of lasers, light, surround sound, video and projection mapping.

First-rate entertainment: Backstage with the stars

backstage with the stars

The stage is perfectly lit, the PA system doesn’t have any back coupling and the set decorations keep the audience spellbound. What would a show be without first rate event technicians, scene painters or make-up artists? Probably very quiet and colorless.