Bigfoot Sighted


A bigfoot was sighted at Prolight + Sound! He has been seen in hall 5.0 at the booth of Steinecke. There they present their new series "Bigfoot".

Nobody needs to fear the "big foot" - he is just prefect for cuddling.

Sound check … Ring Ring Ring…

Ring Ring Ring

Gadget: The smallest sound orchestra at the fair. Yes, you can not deny that these small colorful finds "make" sound. Even if the bass is very weak, the sound pierces marrow and bone. 🙂 Thumbs up, for this interpretation of "Technologies and Services for Entertainment, Integrated Systems and Creation" ...

Photographic Impressions of Day 1

The first half of Day 1 of Prolight + Sound 2017 impresses with great shows, outstanding products and extremely professional exhibitors. The afternoon will be equally gigantic as well as the following days - and increase further and further. We are looking forward to it! ... See for yourself in our picture gallery. Music and…

Big Show or Small Stage?

big show or small stageThose of you, who like us, attended Prolight + Sound this year, are guaranteed to have fond memories of Halls 9 and 11. On those walls, floors and ceilings everything light and laser effects had to offer was shown off. At Martin Professional, one of the largest exhibiters, the word "highlights" was taken quite literally. The market leader for spotlight systems introduced twelve new products at Prolight + Sound, including the MAC Viper-Series with innovative lamps and depth of focus.