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VDT Academy 2014: The program is now online!

The Verband deutscher Tonmeister (VDT) invites you to a free seminar at the Prolight & Sound on March 14, 2014. At the VDT Academy experts from the industry will give you first hand knowledge about their experiences and give information about the newest developments in acoustic and sound technology, trends in film and TV, theater…

New Years in Berlin with wicked lighting from ROBE

New YearsGermany's biggest New Year's Eve Party 2014 was once again held in Berlin. About a million visitors moved about between the Brandenburg Gate and the Victory Column. Music acts such as Frieda Gold, Adel Tawil and The Trans-Siberian Orchestra covered the musical section of events. The highlight of the evening was the spectacular fireworks. show. A big part of the success of the capital's mega party, however, was  ROBE's eclectic event engineering.

Especially on the main stage at the Brandenburg Gate and at the party on the Strasse des 17. Juni, the spots, beams and flood lights of the Czech Republic's lighting technology producer, ROBE, were utilized. 14 Pointes were used on mobile LED wall risers for accents. 18 Pointes were attached to the roof's truss substructure, 12 additional ones were mounted in the side wings and six Pointes were mounted on the stage floor.

Sennheiser develops media for hearing and sight impaired

In Germany every fifth person is hearing or sight impaired. However at concerts, cinemas or theaters there haven't been any adjustments to help them. More than 50 percent of the affected people don't go to cultural events. This was the result of a TNS Emnid survey commissioned by the audio specialist Sennheiser. Therefore, the Wedemaker company is working on new streaming technology for cinemas and theaters which utilizes the inclusion principle, so that seeing and hearing impaired people are no longer excluded.

Sennheiser App

LED-Innovations from Osram: Long Live Light!

LED-InnovationsWhen light diodes fail, then it is often because of one reason. The heat was too high, the light bulb is burned out. Lighting manufacturer Osram has developed a new LED, that is stable even in high temperatures. Olson Square, the name of the innovation, was optimized so that the depletion layer temperature could be raised. The lighting of large buildings, events such as concerts, trade fairs or other stage productions should be greatly improved.

Binaural recording: Awesome 3D-Illusion

We only believe what we hear. But how real is it really? Modern 3D sound technology can trick your brain and pulls us into events as if we were really in the middle of them. These illusions are possible using the so called binaural recording or homophonic audio, where audio signals are recorded with two microphones. The perfect deception for your brain. Close your eyes and open your ears! And don't forget your earphones. Only then can you experience the truly impressive effect. Have fun with today's find!

Technology of the Stars: Time Travel with In Extremo

In Extremo mit Lightpower auf TourAncient sounds mixed with the finest rock are their trademark. In Extremo, the medieval rock band from Berlin has been winning people over since 1995 with their own unmistakable sound. At their live shows they use a mix of old and new instruments. In addition to E-Guitars, bass and drums, instruments such as a symphonia and harp, bag pipes and dulcimer are used. When it comes to the technology, however, they only use the most modern devices on stage. On their current "Kunstraub" tour they got help from the professional stage lighters at Lightpower.

Behind the scenes: 50 years of Audio Technology from FBT

FBTIn the beginning there was music. In 1963 the Italian brothers Bruno Baldoni and Vinicio Tanoni joined forces in order to produce high quality guitar amplifiers. 50 years later FBT Elettronica S.p.A. has grown from a small handcrafted business to one of the leading international providers of music and audio electronics and is looking back on a successful history. In honor of the anniversary the company has produced an anniversary video which shows excerpts from the daily activities in development and production and in which Alan Parsons, who worked with the Beatles and Pink Floyd commentates.

Christmas goes Gangnam Style

Gangnam StyleThe tree is decorated and the presents are wrapped. Slowly the excitement of Christmas Eve is growing. In order to shorten the wait for all those of you who are impatient, we have compiled a "Best of..." the most unusual Christmas videos on YouTube. Electronics are not only one of the most wished for items, but are used more and more in Christmas decorations.

Lots of fun while watching... Hohoho!

DSPECIALISTS – perfect audio control & surround sound

Lautsprecher-Management mit Harvey mx. 16 von DSPECIALISTSProlight + Sound is not only the annual trade fair for event technology, installations and productions. It is also used to make new contacts. Jochen Cronemeyer, chief executive of DSPECIALISTS Digitale Audio- und Messsysteme GmbH, knows this all too well. His company equips theaters, home theaters and churches. In an interview he describes which trends are awaiting the industry in the new year and why it pays to visit the Prolight 2014.

Salzbrenner Anniversary – Highlights continue in 2014

20th anniversary2013 was a triple good year for the Salzbrenner Stagetec Mediagroup. At the beginning of July, the Stagetec Developement Association for Professional Audio Technology celebrated its twentieth anniversary. In September it was Salzbrenner's fiftieth anniversary of the businessman Friedrich Salzbrenner laying the foundation stone for the media group. Just a few days ago, the third member of the media group celebrated a birthday. The Delec Audio and Video Technology GmbH turned 25. There's no shortage of highlights in 2013 for the consortium, and in 2014 there are more exciting projects.

Catchbox: The first throwable microphone!

Microfon von Catchbox throwable microphoneAt first glance the colorful foam squares look like toys. However, they are filled with the most modern technology, microphone technology to be exact. Catchbox is the name of the world’s first throwable microphone. It is wireless, hard-wearing and made to fly across rooms. It is ideal for plenum interaction in conferences, classrooms, meetings and workshops. Under the colorful foam cover of Catchbox, you will find ingenious technology that is also a lot of fun.
A functioning microphone with a 2.4 Gigahertz frequency gives a crystal clear sound. If the Catchbox is thrown thru the room or falls on the ground, it automatically suppresses the sound, so that there aren’t any squeaking sounds. The Catchbox can be used anywhere in the world, without a special license, which is not the case with some other wireless microphones. The colorful throwable microphone comes with a separate receiver which can be connected to various sound systems, such as stereos, computers or other professional audio technology.

Jay Z und Christie light up New York

Jay Z und Christie verzaubern New YorkChristmas is just around the corner, mulled wine, cookies and candlelight. On New York’s famous Madison Avenue the yearly Christmas window decorating contest has begun. No longer are the displays using only traditional props; now elaborate technology with the highest standards are utilized. The Canadian projector and display manufacturer, Christie, has created something extra special this year.

What, When, Where? All the infos for the Prolight 2014

what when where

The year is slowly coming to an end, and the excitement over Prolight + Sound 2014 is growing. Here are the most important facts at a glance.

The 2014 PLS-Motto: Energy for Emotions

The upcoming Prolight is from March 12 to 15, 2014. Just like always, the venue is the Messe Frankfurt. The motto this time is “Energy for Emotions”. Although the motto is the same, their will be several new ideas and products, as Director Michael Biwer told us in an interview.

Behind the scenes – Michael Bublé on Tour

When Michael Bublé goes on tour, then his fans can expect great things. The singer and multiple Grammy winner, who became famous with songs like “Feeling so Good”, “Everything” and “It’s a Beautiful Day”, is so multifaceted that his stage technology has to be able to keep up. The technical equipment for his current “To be loved” world tour is from the TAIT company. Giant moveable LED displays, video screens and ingenious lighting set the stage for his performance. However, all this technology has to be set up and taken down before and after each performance. Today’s find shows you how all that works. Enjoy!

Prize-winning Technology: GLP markets the Volkslicht Spot

LED Moving Head Volkslicht Spot“Let there be light” is the recurring theme at Prolight + Sound. In 2014, lighting technology will continue to develop, especially LED technology. At the Frankfurt Trade Fair, from March 12-15, 2013, the exhibitors will present their newest developments. Just like the GLP Light Products GmbH. The newest coup from GLP, for which Prolight visitors do not have to wait until the next fair, is the Volkslicht Spot. This moving head LED is reaching for the stars; it wants to top the success of its predecessor.

Technology of the Stars: Tim Bendzko chooses Sennheiser

Tim Bendzko

Tim Bendzko keeps good company. Just like many other stars, including Shakira, Pink, Xavier Naidoo and Seal, he also uses the proven quality of Sennheiser audio technology. At his summer concert at the Waldbühne Berlin, the singer and songwriter performed his hits “Nur noch kurz die Welt retten”, “Sag einfach Ja” and “Am seidenen Faden” in front of almost 20,000 fans. He used wired and wireless microphones as well as IEM solutions from Sennheiser, which have consistently been exhibited at Prolight + Sound.

This is how sexy sound can be

how sexy sound can beSex sells. That is way it has always been, the way it is, and the way it will always be. At least that is what the Danish headphone manufacturer, AIAIAI thought. In October the company created a provocative as well as catchy ad which caused a sensation. The headphones, including cable, are modelled after the female body. AIAIAI’s message, “Making sound sexy since 2006”, isn’t trying to avoid attention either.

The Danish manufacturer is specialized in everyday quality audio products and promises clear and sharp sound with its stylish and minimalistic headphones. Their current ad definitely leaves you wanting more.

Bildquelle: AIAIAI

The hightlights from Prolight + Sound Shanghai

LED-Licht-Prolight-ShanghaiWhile the preparations for Prolight + Sound 2014 in Frankfurt are running at full speed, Shanghai is taking stock. 444 exhibitors from 17 countries presented their companies and their newest products in the audio, lighting and event categories at Prolight + Sound Shanghai. Nearly 24,000 visitors came to the Shanghai News International Expo Centre from October 10-13, 2013. The biggest fair trend included LED.