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Tip 2: Mobile, Online and Connected with Prolight + Sound 2013 Services

Tip 2These days there is hardly anyone who is not connected to the internet on their mobiles. Clearly Prolight + Sound 2013 is jumping on the bandwagon and is offering its visitors several services to make their visit to the trade fair more convenient and flexible. It starts at the electronic “check-in” for the exhibitors, includes the product search and uncomplicated internet access on site.
Visitors can easily buy their ticket for the trade fair using the mobile ticketing method. After a quick registration, you can buy your tickets and with the help of a link have them sent directly to your mobile. Then you can start your day at the trade fair ecofriendly and stress free.
The free app “Prolight + Sound Navigator” is just as convenient and extremely practical. With it you will have an overview of the entire trade fair programme and the location of many exhibitors right on your own Smartphone. No more searching in vain or flipping through pages!

Tip 1: How are you getting to Prolight + Sound 2013?

Tip 1In just a few days Prolight + Sound 2013 is starting. You are surely very anxious, and like us, excitedly awaiting three days of international trade fair! So that nothing goes wrong, we are giving you a few tips ahead of time. Today we would like to make your arrival easier. It doesn’t matter if you travel by train, with your own car, or use local transport, on the Prolight + Sound website you will find all the information you need. International visitors will not miss out either. With Lufthansa, the partner airline, you will fly safely, comfortably and inexpensively directly to the Frankfurt Airport. From there you will be at the trade fair in no time at all. The Deutsche Bahn is also offering inland visitors package deals.

So, for those of you who have not yet planned your arrival, you should quickly gather the information and grab one of the last minute offers. We are looking forward to seeing you and wish you a safe journey!

With easy GmbH you can see tomorrow’s event’s today

easy GmbHExact and detailed planning is the key to a successful event. Often, however, this seems like a near impossible task, since the data about a location is either insufficient or even wrong. Not having all the aspects of the facility readily available make the organization even more difficult. Düsseldorf’s easyRAUM GmbH has addressed this problem and created innovative software which helps visualize event locations. In her interview in this blog, Sarah Breuer, manager of sales and online marketing, explains her solution.

PLS in the Social Media Channels

Social Media ChannelsProlight + Sound would like to carry on with its ever increasing social media activities. After starting with Facebook and adding a Twitter channel last year, in 2013 PLS will tweet and post more often in order to encourage more dialogue between the exhibitors and the visitors. The activities are constantly being expanded and so that the latest news is posted with lightning speed on the World Wide Web.


SurpriseThree, two, one…. surprise! In just a few days, maybe in just a few hours, we have a wonderful change planned for you. But, right now, we can only tell you this much; we are working on something ourselves and it will be modern!

This year, the Prolight+Sound will once again offer several innovations, from the new exhibit hall, the first international security conference and the moving pictures pavilion. We bloggers didn’t want to be the only ones not creating something brand new. Unfortunately, we cannot yet tell you what it is; otherwise it wouldn’t be a surprise! Hopefully we could really peak your interest.:-) Keep checking back and then you won’t miss the improvement!

Picture source: / Ivan Prole

Play on Colours with Laserworld

coloursWhether red, green or blue, laser beams are available in every from and color. Artistic light effects will once again be presented and amaze visitors at this year’s Prolight + Sound. Extravagant laser shows will spin colorful webs in the gigantic halls and baffle some with surprising movements and quick color changes. One of these laser producers, which have been exhibiting at Prolight + Sound for many years, is Laserworld (Switzerland) AG.

Moving Picture Pavilion – new at PLS

moving picture pavilionDid you know that for the human eye, 16 frames per second are enough to create the illusion of flowing movement? That should make it clear just how easy we are to fool.;-) But we enjoy it, no matter if we are in front of our television, in the cinema or at the Prolight+Sound. In unison with today’s them, we have news hot off the press, for the first time in 2013 there will be a Moving Picture Pavilion at the trade show!

Your ears will be ringing!

Your ears will be ringing!It would be relatively boring to just see acoustic technology in the off position. Instead, it is much nicer to experience the systems in action and really give your ears something to hear. The organizers at the Prolight+Sound will make sure of that. Then, in addition to all the “off” products in the exhibition area, the concert and sound arena will have many “on” products.

In fifteen minute intervals, selected exhibitors will present their systems in the arena. We might advise you to take few steps back with some exhibitions; since modern technology can be quite loud. But the long and short of it remains that an audience spread across a large area should hear everything well. It is not just that you can hear, but rather how.

Always the latest news about Prolight + Sound with Pro Mail

Pro MailHelp! You want to visit the trade show which starts in less than three weeks, but really don’t have any information. Then it is time for us to tell you about the Pro Mail service offered by the Frankfurt trade show. Without any problems the newsletter can be sent directly to your mailbox and gives you the newest information concerning the Prolight+Sound, directly on your monitor. In addition to the news, you can find information about the programmes and hall plan. Also, companies present their newest products and visitor’s questions will be answered. The newsletter also gives you practical tips about lodging, directions and tickets.

So those of you who want to have the hottest news about the industry meeting on hand, we suggest you sign up for the Pro Mail. Simply type in your email address and name and you are done!

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The Futurelight PLB 230 – turn the spotlight on!

Futurelight PLB-230

Michael Dill, press commentator at Steinigke Showtechnic GmbH, will present a new feature in his blog: "One of our many highlights is the Futurelight PLB-230, which we are introducing for the first time in Frankfurt very precise beam moving head, which combines an Osram Sirius with 230 watts and an LED ring with twelve 3-watt LEDs in one device "...

Electronic public displays of affection

Electronic public displays of affection

We love speakers, microphones, regulators, record players, earphones; in short, we love everything that has to do with lighting and event technology. For those of you, who are just like us, you can express your “gadget love” with a free e-card from the Prolight+Sound. For example, towards the end of the week, you can send a friendly note to a business associate reminding him about the PLS 2013, or get your friend in the right mood for the concert you are both going to this Saturday. Whatever makes your heart skip a beat. Every technology lover will be thrilled to get this electronic greeting. 🙂

Sinus Award for the FC Bayern World Experience

“Mia san…” magnificent- at FC Bayern everything is simply going well this season. The championship title is within reach and in the Champions League the traditional club is maintaining a high profile. There is one award which they have already won: The 2013 Sinus- Systems Integration Award is going to the FC Bayern World of…

Sound bursting from the seams!

BoomboxFold, connect and hook it up- the sound system for a casual stroll through the city or a picnic in the park is ready. A smart minded Berliner proved that the right sound doesn’t always have to come from award winning high-end technology. Designer Alex Pfaender created the Boombox, a speaker station for MP3 players and mobile phones. The unusual thing about it, the casing is made completely out of cardboard. Naturally it would not work without the right technology on the inside. The exceptional piece runs on batteries or rechargeable batteries. The sound is created by two integrated speakers. Built on the do-it-yourself principle, the hydrophobic product out of cardboard has to be pieced together by hand.

“Escape and evacuation routes are essential for survival”

Hubert Klüpfel evacuation and escape

Hubert Klüpfel

While thousands of fans cheer in front of their favourite band’s stage, jump up and down or follow the hundreds of scenes in a musical, and entire hoard of event managers and event engineers have been working in the background. They not only think about the lighting, sound and autograph hour, the question of the safety at the events plays a crucial role in the planning. At the “1st International Event Safety Conference” experts will lecture and discuss these exact topics. The conference takes place parallel to Prolight + Sound. We spoke with the consultant, Hubert Klüpfel, Executive Director of TraffGo HT, in greater detail about his lecture topic: “Evacuation Simulations”.

Discussion forum for Eventmanagement

Experience ShoppingWho doesn’t like to use the comfortable advantages of online banking? The click “in my basket” is quick, the journey to the city center avoided and books, all kinds of electronic “toys”, shoes and much more are delivered right to your front door. While E-commerce continues to grow; the traditional commercial venues need ideas to make sure their customers keep coming back. An approach at solving the problem is called “Experience Marketing”.
“Experience Shopping” will soon play a central role in traditional commercial venues. Through events and interaction at the point of sale the consumer’s interest is awoken and his curiosity induced. This can be achieved through creative shop concepts, unique product lines, shopping events and exceptional customer service,” according to Sven Classen, chief executive of “Erlebnisbüro- die Markererlebnis GmbH”.

New sport experience with RiCam

RiCamThis week hundreds of thousands of spectators are champing at the bit in front of their TVs and on site, as professional winter sport athletes from all over the world swoosh down the snow covered slopes at the alpine skiing world championships. While some ski fans in the Austrian city of Schladming get to see the slope aces live, most of the rest of the winter sports fans can only watch the moving image on the TV. These images just might surprise you this year. For the first time, live camera feeds are being shown from the skier’s perspective.
In the development of a camera which can withstand the ski slopes, the video, audio and communications experts at Riedel Communications had their fingers in the pie. The camera which just came on the market this month, the RiCam,  is put onto the ski goggles and sends extraordinary pictures from the athlete’s perspective. The broadcaster ORF is giving you the chance to marvel at these amazing scenes.


Projection Foils from Gerriets


Since cloud covered mountains, iced landscapes or overgrown sheer rock walls, needed for film, TV and stage productions, are not always readily available outside your front door, nor do they grow on stage, you need alternatives. Professionals can create deceivingly real scenery- detailed all the way to the tip of the conifer. Therefore, the company Gerriets chose to specialize in the production of foils, textiles and scenery for theatre, film, TV, exhibition stands and open air venues.

A12 Tunable White from JB-Lighting at the PLS 2013

A12 Tunable

Why do you as an exhibitor use Prolight + Sound 2013?

Stephanie Walloner, JB-Lighting GmbH: Prolight + Sound is the most important convention of the entire year for us. As a German manufacturer, it is and always has been extremely important for us, and we use the PLS as a way of fostering our existing customer base. Furthermore, the PLS has won international importance throughout the years. Therefore, it has become a popular destination for new customers. That’s why we also expect to establish new contacts in 2013.