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Rammstein-Tour 2020: Fulminant Live-Show With Robe

The concert tickets for the Rammstein Tour 2019 and 2020 were almost completely sold out a short time after their activation. Not without reason: When the German rock band performs live, the fans can expect a performance of visual and acoustic superlatives. On the current stadium tour through Europe there will also be a brilliant…

Martin Audio Celebrates Two World Premieres

Martin Audio has celebrated two world premieres. The new and optimized Wavefront Precision Line Array, WPS and the integration of BlackTrax, the real-time tracking for his immersive audio experience 3-D Sound Adventures. At the same time, the latest Powered Point Source, BlacklineX Powered, was introduced to the US market. Debut integration of two giants Sound…

60 Truckloads of Infrastructure for Ed Sheeran Concert

For many fans, an Ed Sheeran concert is an extraordinary event. The British singer-songwriter regularly draws over a hundred thousand fans to his concerts. The biggest concert in Europe on his current tour was at the end of July at the trotting course in Hamburg’s Bahrenfeld district. The logistical effort was immense: using 60 truckloads…

Kiddo Kat in an Interview with Adam Hall

Just in time for the product presentation by Adam Hall, the singer Kiddo Kat really heats up the crowd at this year’s Prolight + Sound. For her it is a special feeling to be back in Frankfurt because she had her breakthrough one year before during Prolight + Sound. How it came to be A…

Eurovision Song Contest 2016: Organisers count on Osram

The Eurovision Song Contest is among the highlights of the year in the European music market. In recent years, this has grown into a truly large-scale event, which was even broadcast in the US for the first time. That makes it all the more important for the technology to work dependably and that all of…

Behind the Scenes: Halftime at the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is America’s big annual event. The excitement grips the entire nation - and the accompanying advertising campaigns and halftime show during the game are equally big news. The following time-lapse video demonstrates just how much engineering skill is needed to make that possible: putting up an entire stage in the time it takes a kettle to boil. The stars put on a show, and by the time you’ve gone and gotten a couple more beers from the fridge for the second half, the whole stage has been dismantled like it was never there. Check it out!

Beitrag von Natalie Sigmon.