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Lightpower Supports Ed Sheeran On World Tour

Colorful, intense and unique - that's how Ed Sheeran's shows can be summed up. With his "+-=÷x"-Stadium World Tour exactly these attributes should be fulfilled again. At the same time, the focus on the fans could not be forgotten - to make a performance in a gigantic stadium as intimate as a show in a…

Concert Insights With PRG

PRG has been fascinating for years with its spectacular shows in the Festhalle. This year, the show is once again a highlight. But at this year's Prolight + Sound, the exhibitor still has some special features in its "backstage" zone. It is all about concerts and tours and shows some tracks used by stars like…

About Prolight + Sound

Welcome to the official Prolight + Sound blog! Here you will find all the relevant information about Prolight + Sound, as well as articles on new trends, products and innovations from the sector. In our archive, you will find an overview of contributions from 2007 to the present day. Prolight + Sound Prolight + Sound…