Lego goes concert

Lego goes concertStage mechanics, light and sound - those are the themes of the Prolight and Sound. However, it is not only in the spotlight at this trade fair. Even little Lego figures know how it works. This funny video shows just how much work goes into building a stage, which most concert attendees never see. From the first truck, that brings the material for the build, followed by the tech check and finally the band's performance, everything is animated with Lego bricks and Lego figures.

The entire video was built and filmed by Andi Zöllner. He works in sales and distribution at Steinigke Showtechnic and counsels customers in all aspects of professional light engineering. Zöllner has been a Lego fan since his childhood, and that hasn't changed, even as an adult. He invested 200 hours, from the conception til the finished product, in his stage project. Another 30 hours were needed to make the video. The team of Prolight and Sound says: it was all well worth it!

Zöllner has been a guest at the Prolight and Sound for the past twelve years, and for him, it is the most important trade fair in the industry. He let one more secret slip, the amazing Lego stage just might be available to view at the Steinigke Showtechnic booth at the Prolight and Soud 2014. Until that time, just enjoy the video. So, house lights off, stage lights on!

Picture source: screenshot YouTube (Andi Zöllner)

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