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The Austrian start-up TableConnect is absolutely convincing with its 32″ and 55″ PCAP Multitouch Screens that can be set up in three variants. The kicker is that the company has shifted its apps to the larger screen can display without a change (in regards to graphics). Basically the screen is nothing but an extra-large smartphone. The product originally ran on Android, but with corresponding solutions the whole thing works just as well with Apple.

Multitouch Screen can be used in many various places

The Multitouch device transports, thanks to PCAP and timeless design, the cool tactile feel and usability of smartphones. The device has an Inforce 6540 Single Board Computer (SBC) that can work with a Quad Core Krait 450 CPU (tact: 2,7GHz) and an Adreno 420 GPU. This can also be equipped for 4K Ultra HD Video, HEVC Playback and H.264. 4mm thick security glass protects the full HD Panel from external influences. The integrated sensor allows up to 100 multitouch points.

Extra highlight: the device is also excellently suited for indoor use. With 700 cd/m² (55″) and 450 cd/m² (32″), TableConnects has outstanding luminance values. The average response time is circa 5 ms for touch actions, which is very good. Regarding connectivity, Ethernet, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB and audio line out are available. Two integrated 10 Watt are ready to produced sound.

Overview of additional functions:

  • 55″ PCAP Multitouch Screen has eight smart buttons on the corners
  • every TableConnect is equipped with a 13 Megapixel camera
  • 32″ PCAP Multitouch Screen ca. 40 kg
  • 55″ PCAP Multitouch Screen ca. 93 kg

By now the start-up has also established an international group of clients. At the moment TableConnect employs nine people in its headquarters in Vienna. However, the production is located in Salzburg.

"In the long term this network should grow so that potential customers can test our products in the simplest and quickest way. Photos and videos alone usually aren’t sufficient to understand the product, its dimensions and the extraordinary production values"
Stefan Fleig, TableConnet


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