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PLS 2015: Opus Award Winner Marcus Mechelhoff


With his production for the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, 25 Jahre Mauerfall, Marcus Mechelhoff thrilled hundreds of thousands of visitors to Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate in November last year. His remit included the lighting, audio, video, and the pyrotechnics for the spectacular open air event. The skill with which he carried this out is to be recognised at Prolight + Sound 2015 where he will be bestowed with a much sought-after Opus Award for Technical Realisation.

Spectacular Light Show at Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburg GateThe fall of the Berlin Wall, which until then had divided Germany into East and West, on November 9th 1989, was one of the defining moments of recent history. There was no question then that the 25th anniversary was to be marked with a fitting celebration. One of the highlights of the day was the release of the ‘border of light’, 8,000 illuminated balloons marking the wall’s course across nine miles of central Berlin. And of course the Brandenburg Gate was a key part of the festivities, with visitors from the world over captivated by a fantastic light show.