Schlagworte: Catchbox

Catchbox: The first throwable microphone!

Microfon von Catchbox throwable microphoneAt first glance the colorful foam squares look like toys. However, they are filled with the most modern technology, microphone technology to be exact. Catchbox is the name of the world’s first throwable microphone. It is wireless, hard-wearing and made to fly across rooms. It is ideal for plenum interaction in conferences, classrooms, meetings and workshops. Under the colorful foam cover of Catchbox, you will find ingenious technology that is also a lot of fun.
A functioning microphone with a 2.4 Gigahertz frequency gives a crystal clear sound. If the Catchbox is thrown thru the room or falls on the ground, it automatically suppresses the sound, so that there aren’t any squeaking sounds. The Catchbox can be used anywhere in the world, without a special license, which is not the case with some other wireless microphones. The colorful throwable microphone comes with a separate receiver which can be connected to various sound systems, such as stereos, computers or other professional audio technology.