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Christmas goes Gangnam Style

Gangnam StyleThe tree is decorated and the presents are wrapped. Slowly the excitement of Christmas Eve is growing. In order to shorten the wait for all those of you who are impatient, we have compiled a "Best of..." the most unusual Christmas videos on YouTube. Electronics are not only one of the most wished for items, but are used more and more in Christmas decorations.

Lots of fun while watching... Hohoho!

Christmas Decorations – the Superlative

Bigger, more spectacular, flashier, the Americans are known for going over the top. That holds true for cars, shopping centers and the yearly Christmas decorations. Entire neighborhoods shine as bright as day long after the sun has set and are lit up with the craziest lighting installations. And because that is not enough, more and…

“The lights are lit …”

lights are lit"... Joy spreads in every room, sparkle light with a bright glow, everywhere joy should be found."- so it stands in the popular German Christmas song. Whether the verses are sung in churches on Christmas Eve or in your own four walls, they take on a special interpretation in the small village of Calle. Here "sparkle light with bright glow" is taken quite literally. To be exact, 400,000 lights glow on just one house in Lower Saxony.