Schlagworte: Clay Paky

Vienna’s Dream on Ice: Ice and Light in Perfect Harmony

Vienna’s Dream on Ice

Ice skating in the open air - thanks to the Wiener Eistraum, this has been an annual highlight for the Viennese since 1996. Every year, a mobile ice rink with a surface area of 700m2 has been attracting visitors to the Rathausplatz in the Austrian capital. Three refrigeration units feed a network of 400,000 pipes beneath the rink to ensure a top-quality surface. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the ‘Vienna Ice Dream’, and the celebratory mood was set with a gala opening on the 23rd of January. And this time, they made it so colourful, they made rainbows jealous.

Spectacular Light Show at Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburg GateThe fall of the Berlin Wall, which until then had divided Germany into East and West, on November 9th 1989, was one of the defining moments of recent history. There was no question then that the 25th anniversary was to be marked with a fitting celebration. One of the highlights of the day was the release of the ‘border of light’, 8,000 illuminated balloons marking the wall’s course across nine miles of central Berlin. And of course the Brandenburg Gate was a key part of the festivities, with visitors from the world over captivated by a fantastic light show.

800 Years of Bielefeld: A Light, Music and Dance Spectacular

MA Lighting und Clay Paky in der Stadthalle BielefeldThis year marks the German city of Bielefeld’s 800th anniversary, and they decided to celebrate in style: in the framework of the Zeitsprung – BI-Motion project (‘Zeitsprung’ – a leap back in time), 800 dancers and musicians put on an evening of superlatives in the Stadthalle Bielefeld. Participants included the Tanztheater Bielefeld; the Bielefelder Philharmoniker; Syrian clarinet virtuoso Kinan Azmeh; and amateur artists and schoolchildren. Technical support was provided by MA Lighting and Clay Paky, supplied by Lightpower. Markus Krömer, who was responsible for lighting design and programming, explained that “it was necessary to install an independent lighting system in the arena for an event with 800 people on stage, with the extension of the stage into the auditorium significantly increasing its area.”