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Virtual Reality in Frankfurt

Augmented Reality, 3D-Reality and Virtual Reality - these are the topics of today's Immersive Technology Forum. VRankfurt, the first network platform in the Rhine-Main area with focus on new developments and applications in VR & AR, organizes workshops and seminars today and on Friday. While the lectures will take place on Thursday in the Consens room in Hall 4.C, the presentations of INM & VRankfurt will be held on Friday at the Circle Stage in Hall 4.0.

Immersive Technology Forum Starts Today

Today the new presentation format "Immersive Technology Forum" starts. Here the visitors can learn, how they can enhance events with immersive experiences and where appropriate solutions are used in staging.

The programme, designed in collaboration with experts from the field, is aimed at content producers, technical and broadcasting specialists as well as event managers and organisers. Topics of the lecture series are: Application possibilities of 3D audio in theatres, creative application possibilities of virtual and augmented reality as well as other trend technologies in the event area or the entire workflow of a 360° music video production.

The Immersive Technology Forum will take place in Hall 4C in the Entente room and is definitely worth a visit.

Presentations And Seminars in The Conference Programme

As part of the extensive conference programme at Prolight + Sound, experts from the branch presented their practical experience and their latest innovations in presentations and seminars. The presentations on current industry trends, innovative impulses and new strategies are once again attracting lively interest this year.