Schlagworte: Crowdfunding

Gadget of the Week: The Mobile 3D LED Party

The DJ has everything set up, the guests are ready to party, there are plenty of drinks and snacks - the only thing missing is the perfect lighting. That’s where a couple of bright sparks from Brooklyn come in. They invented the L3D Cube, a 3D LED matrix that responds to music and background noise via its built-in microphone and transforms sound into a one of a kind light display. Right now, the project is still in the formative stage on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, but it has already proved tremendously popular.

Gadget of the Week: Prizm – Streaming the smart way

Musik Player PrizmMusic must match the mood. Sure, you can do that with a playlist, but you have to take time out to make them first. What if there was a device that could automatically adapt to the situation in the room and start playing the right music, depending on who is present? This is exactly what a group of French music lovers asked themselves before creating Prizm – probably the most ingenious music player of all time. It started as a crowdfunding project. Now, it's just a question of time before it hits the shops.

Gadget of the Week: Cat’s Entertainment!

Cat headphoneFashion and functionality can make the purrfect combination. The proof? The kooky headphones that won’t just be scratching cat lovers behind the ears. The Axent Wear cat ear headphones aren’t available in the shops – yet. The crowdfunding project is still seeking backers. With success – the cat headphone idea has proven so resonant that almost $800,000 has been raised within a matter of days.