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Green Events – still haven’t reached the mainstream

Green Events Jacob Bilabel
Environmental awareness is set to play an ever-increasing role at festivals, concerts and other big public events. Raising awareness in the lighting, sound and events industry is one of the tasks that Jacob Bilabel of Berlin-based think tank Thema1 has set for himself. Speaking to Prolight + Sound, he explained why awareness of environmental issues is growing in importance, and where the biggest challenges are to be faced.

What started this trend towards environmentally aware events?

Bilabel: Is it really a trend? As far as I can see, this is an issue that still hasn’t reached the mainstream. Up till now, only a few pioneers have gone out of their way to push environmental responsibility, in part because they’re passionate about it, in part because they can save a lot of money that way. Unfortunately, far too many events are still organised in exactly the same way now as they were ten years ago.