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Shadow Play with ETC

Shadow Play

A flying bird, a rabbit, a wolf: who can forget making shadow puppets as a kid with just your hands and the bedside lamp? The creative minds behind the show Shadowland have taken the idea behind this simple childhood game and run with it. Combining shadow play and modern dance, members of Connecticut-based dance company Pilobolus cast silhouettes of elephants, faces, buildings and even cars with their bodies with a little technical support from ETC.

Saving Energy in Theatres Using the Latest LED Technology

SustainabilityThe concept of sustainability is one which is increasingly being applied to theatres, trade fairs, to public events and spaces in general, in fact. The arts as a whole have also seen a great emphasis on continual improvement, testing new technologies and ways to lessen environmental impacts. This October saw a conference being held in Gallus Theater in Frankfurt tackling this very subject, specifically “Energy Efficiency in Theatres in Hesse”. Partner ETC used a specially choreographed ballet production to demonstrate the potential modern LED technology offers for saving energy in the theatre.

ETC: Curtain up for great technology!

ETCThe statement, „putting something in the right light “is not just a saying. The Electronic Theatre Controls GmbH, short ETC, knows that for sure. They are experts when it comes to the right lighting technology for architecture, stage and television. They are responsible for the lighting design at the successful musical “The Lion King”, the Bayreuth Richard Wagner Festival, the famous Palazzo Hotel in Las Vegas and the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi. High quality products and great service, those are the areas where ETC shines, and still remains humble.