Schlagworte: Film and Theatre Colloquium

The Importance of the Costume Designer

costume designer

Films and screenplays win awards and trophies, actors are praised to the heavens for their performances, and the technical side of film production is not forgotten by the Academy. But there is one group that doesn’t get its fair share of the limelight: costume designers. Yet their work is just as important, though perhaps taken for granted, in the opinion of Riccarda Merten-Eicher, who has herself been in the business for 30 years.

She will be reading from her book ‘Kostümbildner in Film, TV und Theater’ (‘Costume Designers in Film, TV and Theatre’) at Prolight + Sound 2015 Film and Theatre Colloquium, and revealing the magic that can be found in the wardrobe. Merten-Eicher spoke to us to give us a taste of what’s in store.