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InEar: “The opening of Hall 4.1 is a clear advantage”

On stage or in the studio – having the right monitors are extremely important for artists and musicians. InEar is a producer of monitors and offers personalized systems in the areas of ear protection, communication, and InEar monitoring. Als regelmäßiger Aussteller auf der Prolight + Sound und Musikmesse war das Unternehmen mit Sitz in Dieburg…

Innovative Stage Concept as Special Area in Hall 4.1

The special area “Silent Stage” demonstrates solutions in and around the fields of microphones, portable sound, concert sound, installed sound, production and radio as well as network and media technology. Professionals in the event technology branch as well as musicians can experience how this innovative stage setup can contribute to the improvement of the mix…

New Special Area Silent Stage at Prolight + Sound 2017

This year visitors to Prolight + Sound 2017 can look forward to a new sound concept. The concept “Silent Stage” will be presented at a special area, where event technology professionals and musicians are invited to experience this innovative stage setup live. Here visitors will be able to explore how the event technology from big-name…

Studio head phones from beyerdynamic

With their new studio head phones DT 1990 PRO, beyerdynamic was once again able to move its innovative product development one step further. The nearly 100 years of company history makes it one of the leading manufacturers of audio production. beyerdynamics offers a wide spectrum, from headphones to microphones for various contexts. Many of the individual parts…

VR Headphones? The OSSIC X is here

VR – the world of tomorrow! The headphones from OSSIC are capable of more than most of their kind – they can produce a perfect VR audio experience. The sound adapts to the listener’s ears. It’s like you can feel the sound, and experience it from the inside rather than the outside. VR – In…

Beker – Hear Music Underwater

Listen to music on the go or while playing sport, without cutting yourself off from the outside world? No problem these days with the right gadgets – more specifically, bone conduction headphones. They take advantage of vibrations, which are channelled directly to the auditory nerve through the skull. The Beker bone conduction headphones go a…

Custom-fitted In-Ear Headphones

A lot of people have problems with in-ear headphones. Either they don’t sit right, they start to hurt after a while, or they start to rub. Revols’ new Bluetooth earbuds promise a higher level of comfort – they are made from a nano material that moulds to the user’s ear canal. The Revols project began…

Pro-Audio Experts DirectOut Bring MADI.MONI to Market

The pro-audio specialists at DirectOut are broadening their portfolio. MADI.MONI, a compact MADI tester, will be available from 1 December 2015. It will be one of the most compact MADI monitoring and testing devices on the market and has been specially developed for field deployment, for example by engineers and technicians. The device is designed…

New: 3D In-Ear Monitoring by KLANG:technologies

We take spatial awareness through sound for granted, but headphones and earbuds can distort our perception of space. Nevertheless, more and more artists have started to use in-ear monitoring (IEM) because it offers an excellent combination of precision and control, as well as freedom of movement. There was still one problem holding IEM back, though,…

Gadget of the Week: Mpow’s Affordable Sports Headphones

Mpow’sMotivation is the be all and end all when it comes to fitness. With the right music pushing you that little bit harder, you can find yourself knocking minutes off your personal best, or doubling your rep count. Standard in-ear headphones are a common choice for the gym or going for a run, but wireless Bluetooth headsets – like Mpow’s Cheetah – are an excellent alternative for the fitness enthusiasts out there.

Now Available: The MADI MI6 Audio Monitor from DirectOut

DirectOut – the German professional audio solution manufacturer – has brought a new compact 1U device to the market: the 16 channel MADI MI6 audio monitor, specially developed for Game Creek Video, the American television production facilities provider. The 64 channel MADI signal is carried over a single fibre optic link. During this year’s US Open golf tournament, 64 units were in operation as part of the company’s Encore line.


Gadget of the Week: Headphones light up in time to music!


What would life be without music? It can lift your mood and drive you on. Many of us take it for granted that we always have our music collections with us, either on an MP3 player or a smartphone. But what is everyone else listening to, what sort of music are they into? This is a question that usually remains unanswered. Until now. The team behind the Kickstarter project ‘Glow’ are changing that: they have developed glowing laser headphones, whose cables and earbuds pulsate in colour to the rhythm of your music, the game you are playing on your smartphone, or even your heart.

Happy Birthday, Sennheiser! 70 Years of Innovation

Innovation. Sennheiser 70 JahreHeadphones, microphones, an inclusive audio streaming solution for the visually and hearing-impaired: Wedemark audio specialists Sennheiser have now making breakthroughs in sound for seven decades now. Their trophy cabinet includes a Grammy and even an Oscar and a Philo T. Farnsworth engineering Emmy. The third generation is continuing the work started by the pioneers of 1945. It is a story of achievement and excellence that rewards a closer look.

Technic of the Stars: Revolverheld On Tour With Sennheiser


Hamburg band Revolverheld conquered the German charts with songs like “Freunde bleiben” (Stay Friends) and “Mit Dir Chilln” (Chill With You); and in November they received the award for Best German Act at the MTV Europe Awards in Glasgow. During their successful Immer in Bewegung (Always in Motion) tour, the pop-rock group have been using wireless microphones from Sennheiser’s 2000 Series to help bring the earthy rock sound that characterises their atmospheric shows to life.

Gadget of the Week: Warm ears, cool sounds

iMusic-Kopfhoerer-Muetze Gadget of the weekIt get late earlier” – autumn is definitely here. There might still be a few sunny day, but there’s already a nip in the air in the mornings. Wearing headphones on the way to work or uni can start becoming a bit of a pain at this time of year. Without a hat you get cold, with a hat you can’t get your headphones on properly. Not to worry: you can take whatever winter throws at you if you have the Gadget of the Week, the Bluetooth iMusic Beanie.

This iMusic headgear has a real trick up its sleeves (as it were) – integrated headphones that connect to your smartphone or tablet (or other device) via Bluetooth. It can be charged without fuss via USB, and there are no cables. Let’s be having you, winter! And if you don’t happen to fancy listening to music, you can always take the earpieces out and enjoy a simple old school beanie to keep your ears warm.

Autumn, thou hast thy music too!

Gadget of the Week: Cat’s Entertainment!

Cat headphoneFashion and functionality can make the purrfect combination. The proof? The kooky headphones that won’t just be scratching cat lovers behind the ears. The Axent Wear cat ear headphones aren’t available in the shops – yet. The crowdfunding project is still seeking backers. With success – the cat headphone idea has proven so resonant that almost $800,000 has been raised within a matter of days.

Sennheiser Urbanite: Market share the funny way

Werbespot zum Sennheiser Urbanite KopfhörerHow do I get my product noticed? What makes for a good advertisement? And how do I surprise my target demographic? These are questions that all business ask themselves, including Wedemark-based German audio specialists Sennheiser. The number of companies producing headphones is growing, increasing competitive pressures. Even global players like Sennheiser need to constantly innovate in order to stay ahead of the competition, stay in the public eye, and keep both music and tech fans loyal to their brand and products.

nhow Hotel Berlin: A musical paradise in the clouds

Tonstudio nhow Hotel BerlinEvery year, Prolight + Sound attracts thousands of music lovers and tech fans from the world over to a little slice of high-tech paradise. The nhow Hotel in Berlin is also passionate about music. With two fully-equipped recording studios, it’s been putting a spring in the step of singers and songwriters since 2010 – a great hotel where you can also produce hit songs, an opportunity taken advantage of by stars like Jennifer Rostock, Rea Garvey, Culcha Candela and Kool Savas. But what was the inspiration behind nhow?