Schlagworte: KVANT

Lager Lights: KVANT Puts On Show for Bohemian Beer Paradise

The Bohemian city of České Budějovice, or Budweis, is the original home of Budweiser beer, making it perhaps the most famous brewing town in the Czech Republic. Epitomised today by Budweiser Budvar lager, they’ve been brewing the Beer of Kings there for 750 years, and KVANT was there to raise a glass in celebration. Together with the Budvar brewers and Art4promotion, KVANT Lasers put together a first-class event to celebrate the anniversary in style, including a laser show, video mapping, and fireworks. Equipment used included seven Spectrum 20W, one Spectrum 30W, six Maxim 8W, and one Maxim 20W. For the 3D-mapping, the lighting technicians used five 15,000 and two 16,000 ANSI projectors.

Gadget of the Week: KVANT brings out laser drone


As kids we used to play with flashlights and remote control cars. Now we are grown and wise men and we came up with a laser hexacopter. It’s so cool and KVANT,” wrote Slovakian laser manufacturer KVANT on its Facebook profile, introducing its latest big boys’ toy. The flying laser show is our gadget of the week!

KVANT: Hot Beats, Pretty Women and Laser Deluxe

If the topic is laser shows with that special something, then KVANT is the one to go to. At the PLS 2013 the lighting experts from Slovakia put on a fascinating laser show. Naturally, they did things in style again for the Prolight 2014 where they presented their newest products in a first class show, including pretty women and background music. Those of you who were not able to see the show at Prolight + Sound 2014, can get a glimpse of the laser show here. Everyone else is invited to look back at the exciting days at the trade fair in Frankfurt. Enjoy!

KVANT Laser: The Magic of Light

The laser technology exhibitor, KVANT, presented a stunning show at Prolight + Sound 2013. The girls from Ladylicious performed to the electrical rhythms and showed the potential which the Slovakian manufacturer possesses. “Taking part in Prolight + Sound exhibition is the core of our exhibition calendar each year”, Dusan Navara, Sales Manager at KVANT said. “It is a regular boost for our business and we truly appreciate the opportunity to meet so many people working in the same field.” Their success is the proof in the pudding.