Schlagworte: Light effect

Gadget of the Week: Charger of the Light Brigade

A charger cable as gadget of the week? Hold your horses, you might say. What is there to change or improve in any way about a simple cable? Well, there is one thing, small but significant: the visuals. The Light Pulse from Pilot Electronics really is an eyecatcher: the USB “charge and sync” cable for…

Gadget of the Week: The Mobile 3D LED Party

The DJ has everything set up, the guests are ready to party, there are plenty of drinks and snacks - the only thing missing is the perfect lighting. That’s where a couple of bright sparks from Brooklyn come in. They invented the L3D Cube, a 3D LED matrix that responds to music and background noise via its built-in microphone and transforms sound into a one of a kind light display. Right now, the project is still in the formative stage on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, but it has already proved tremendously popular.