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LED Check: The right light for kitchen, bathroom & living room

Richtige-Lampe-fuer-jeden-Raum the right light for the homeEnergy-saving light bulbs have been the standard choice for a while now – halogen bulbs as well as LEDs. Just recently, two Japanese scientists received the Nobel Prize in Physics for their breakthrough in the production of blue-light LEDs. Discos, concerts, outdoor events, even trade fairs – they can’t be colourful enough. But what is the right light for the home? Let’s shine a light on the matter.

Gadget of the Week: The Smart LED that Plays Music

light bulb

In the beginning was the idea: what if there was a light bulb that could not only change colours, but also play music – and all controlled via smartphone? Inventors in Atlanta have turned this idea into a reality and developed LightFreq. LightFreq is a light bulb that houses a 5 watt speaker capable of HD audio. Its LEDs provide full 360 degree coverage with 16 million colours, at an intensity of 800 lumens. A real wonder gadget, and one that has even more tricks up its sleeve.