Schlagworte: Moving Head

Royal Opera House: Stage is Set for Martin Professional

Lichttechnik von Martin Professional im Royal Opera House LondonThe Royal Opera House in Covent Garden is one of the most prestigious in the world. Each year, more than 400 performances entertain a total audience of 650,000. With such a high reputation, every last detail has to be perfect, each performance must be 100% - from the individual singers to the set, the stagecraft, the lighting and the acoustics. When it comes to lighting, for the past decade, the Royal Opera House has put its faith in the experts from Martin Professional – experts who also guarantee a great show at Prolight + Sound year in, year out. And for good reason.

Technology of the Stars: Time Travel with In Extremo

In Extremo mit Lightpower auf TourAncient sounds mixed with the finest rock are their trademark. In Extremo, the medieval rock band from Berlin has been winning people over since 1995 with their own unmistakable sound. At their live shows they use a mix of old and new instruments. In addition to E-Guitars, bass and drums, instruments such as a symphonia and harp, bag pipes and dulcimer are used. When it comes to the technology, however, they only use the most modern devices on stage. On their current "Kunstraub" tour they got help from the professional stage lighters at Lightpower.

Prize-winning Technology: GLP markets the Volkslicht Spot

LED Moving Head Volkslicht Spot“Let there be light” is the recurring theme at Prolight + Sound. In 2014, lighting technology will continue to develop, especially LED technology. At the Frankfurt Trade Fair, from March 12-15, 2013, the exhibitors will present their newest developments. Just like the GLP Light Products GmbH. The newest coup from GLP, for which Prolight visitors do not have to wait until the next fair, is the Volkslicht Spot. This moving head LED is reaching for the stars; it wants to top the success of its predecessor.