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Osram at PLS 2015: The Advantages and Limitations of LEDs


LED im Einsatz

2015 is the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies, highlighting the importance of light, being both fundamental to life itself and playing a revolutionary role as a driver of science and culture. Light is also playing a key role at Prolight + Sound 2015, as the latest research continues to open up new technological possibilities. On Thursday 16 April 2015 from 12:00-13:00, Osram senior product manager entertainment Andre Köhler will be making a presentation in Hall 9 on the topic of ‘New Lighting Systems for Entertainment’. Mr Köhler has been kind enough to answer some of the PLS team’s questions and share some fascinating insights with us.

How does light affect your mood?

Light affects our mood

Every year, lighting makes up a big part of Prolight + Sound. Whether it’s beaming out from LEDs, spotlights, lasers, or some other source – light influences our mood and can provoke a specific emotional response. What exactly happens to us, though, and which colour is best for concentration, for relaxation, or for our biorhythm? OSRAM, the lighting manufacturer, has collaborated on numerous studies into these questions – with interesting results.

LED-Innovations from Osram: Long Live Light!

LED-InnovationsWhen light diodes fail, then it is often because of one reason. The heat was too high, the light bulb is burned out. Lighting manufacturer Osram has developed a new LED, that is stable even in high temperatures. Olson Square, the name of the innovation, was optimized so that the depletion layer temperature could be raised. The lighting of large buildings, events such as concerts, trade fairs or other stage productions should be greatly improved.