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The hightlights from Prolight + Sound Shanghai

LED-Licht-Prolight-ShanghaiWhile the preparations for Prolight + Sound 2014 in Frankfurt are running at full speed, Shanghai is taking stock. 444 exhibitors from 17 countries presented their companies and their newest products in the audio, lighting and event categories at Prolight + Sound Shanghai. Nearly 24,000 visitors came to the Shanghai News International Expo Centre from October 10-13, 2013. The biggest fair trend included LED.

Opus winner Sven Sören Beyer lights up Sweden

Sven Sören Beyer Sweden

An open air concert on a frozen river just above the Arctic Circle, “Those are challenges which make life exciting,” says Sven Sören Beyer. “And when you can live it up artistically, as we could, it is the perfect combination.” Beyer is Creactive Director of phase7 performing.arts, an artist network based in Berlin. Currently he is preparing the opening ceremony for the Cultural Capital 2014, Umea, Sweden. The frozen river is a completely new experience, but Beyer knows what matters most.

Phase7 was founded in 1999. At the Prolight and Sound 2013 the artist received the Opus Award in the category of Technical Realization for his 3D operatic enactment “Neither” from Morton Feldmann and Simon Beckett. “We are very proud that we were nominated for a project so close to our hearts,” he says. Sometimes it is important to artistically “find your away back”.

The countdown is underway!

countdown is underwayJust 16, 15, 14 … no not days, hours! The opening of Prolight + Sound 2013 is close at hand, and we are just as happy as you are that it is finally here! Just one more nights sleep, counting down the last hours and then it’s all about the Messe Frankfurt!

The countdown is underway…. everything is prepared, the exhibitors, you and all of us are at the ready. In the next three days we will be reporting live from the trade fair. We will introduce new products, have a few chats with several trade visitors and of course, keep you informed of any changes and the up to the minute news! We are counting the hours….. 13, 12, just 11…

Picture source: : http://www.sxc.hu/photo/458069

Exhibitors at Prolight + Sound, please take your places!

exhibitors at PLSThe most important thing at Prolight + Sound 2013, besides you the trade fair visitor, is of course the many, many exhibitors. It is their stands that fill the halls and allow you to gain valuable insight into the newest technology and innovations in the event industry.
Today, two days before the trade fair begins, the first manufacturers are arriving with their products in tow. Then the massive undertaking of unpacking, assembling and staging the products in the halls begins. The exhibitors look for their stands, place their highlights in the spotlight and get themselves ready for the rush. No later than the first morning of the trade fair everything is truly finished, the halls are filled and the exhibitors are ready.
However, the massive bustle really only starts that morning; when they open the trade fair doors and tens of thousands of visitors pour into the halls. We are looking forward to it!

Picture source: 4iMEDIA Agenturgruppe

Electronic public displays of affection

Electronic public displays of affection

We love speakers, microphones, regulators, record players, earphones; in short, we love everything that has to do with lighting and event technology. For those of you, who are just like us, you can express your “gadget love” with a free e-card from the Prolight+Sound. For example, towards the end of the week, you can send a friendly note to a business associate reminding him about the PLS 2013, or get your friend in the right mood for the concert you are both going to this Saturday. Whatever makes your heart skip a beat. Every technology lover will be thrilled to get this electronic greeting. 🙂

“Escape and evacuation routes are essential for survival”

Hubert Klüpfel evacuation and escape

Hubert Klüpfel

While thousands of fans cheer in front of their favourite band’s stage, jump up and down or follow the hundreds of scenes in a musical, and entire hoard of event managers and event engineers have been working in the background. They not only think about the lighting, sound and autograph hour, the question of the safety at the events plays a crucial role in the planning. At the “1st International Event Safety Conference” experts will lecture and discuss these exact topics. The conference takes place parallel to Prolight + Sound. We spoke with the consultant, Hubert Klüpfel, Executive Director of TraffGo HT, in greater detail about his lecture topic: “Evacuation Simulations”.

New sport experience with RiCam

RiCamThis week hundreds of thousands of spectators are champing at the bit in front of their TVs and on site, as professional winter sport athletes from all over the world swoosh down the snow covered slopes at the alpine skiing world championships. While some ski fans in the Austrian city of Schladming get to see the slope aces live, most of the rest of the winter sports fans can only watch the moving image on the TV. These images just might surprise you this year. For the first time, live camera feeds are being shown from the skier’s perspective.
In the development of a camera which can withstand the ski slopes, the video, audio and communications experts at Riedel Communications had their fingers in the pie. The camera which just came on the market this month, the RiCam,  is put onto the ski goggles and sends extraordinary pictures from the athlete’s perspective. The broadcaster ORF is giving you the chance to marvel at these amazing scenes.

[Bildquelle: http://www.riedel.net]

Projection Foils from Gerriets


Since cloud covered mountains, iced landscapes or overgrown sheer rock walls, needed for film, TV and stage productions, are not always readily available outside your front door, nor do they grow on stage, you need alternatives. Professionals can create deceivingly real scenery- detailed all the way to the tip of the conifer. Therefore, the company Gerriets chose to specialize in the production of foils, textiles and scenery for theatre, film, TV, exhibition stands and open air venues.

Magic Sky gets new roof over their heads

Magik SkyIt is lightweight, set up within one day and isn’t unnerved by a stiff breeze- the Magic Sky pavilion provides a safe roof over the heads of the visitors at many worldwide events. From the BMW World in Munich, to the Berlin Fashion Week and including the Gazprom Event in Saint Petersburg the system, which can cover areas up to 1000 sq. meters, has been in service.