Schlagworte: Sound Engineer

Behind the Scenes: How are Songs Produced?

Songs - Wie entstand der WM-Song von Andreas Bourani?“Auf uns” by Andreas Bourani is the soundtrack to the summer in Germany, the background music to the World Cup in Brazil, the German national team’s theme tune. It embodies good times, having fun, and a feeling of being unstoppable. But how was it made in the first place? How do sound engineers, songwriters and producers work together? What equipment do they use, which production techniques - and why? The answers to these and other fascinating questions, as well as revealing insights into the working methods of stars like Bourani, Sido, Camouflage, and many others, can be found right now, thanks to a collaboration between software firm Avid and the website for the German music community,

What Sound Engineers Really Do!

A sound engineer’s job is simultaneously an exciting and a responsible one. They take care of recording in the studio, testing the room’s acoustics and fine-tuning the tone of the microphones, before they finally produce the perfect sound. Besides which, they get to deal with celebrities, travel, are always meeting interesting new people, and really, you have to envy those sound engineers! But they don’t always have it so easy, as shown by this little gem from the internet. Enjoy!