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Aura Audio: “We get lot of ideas from our customers”

Their mission is to create audio products that are simple and easy-to-use without compromising the sonic quality. Finnish loudspeaker manufacturer Aura Audio has been exhibiting at Prolight + Sound for several years. In an interview, Mika Isotalo talks about the changes in the industry. Simple and straightforward Aura Audio's products are made from as few…

Numerous Premieres Of TMB – ProPlex IQ Tester To Win

For 35 years TMB has been developing cables, connectors, lighting and network cables for the professional entertainment industry. They are still true to their slogan "The First and Still the Best" and present together with manufacturer NW numerous novelties in hall 4.0 at booth E30/E36. A special highlight: At the stand party on the opening…

Klangdome: Diving into immersive fields of sound

It’s a slightly different kind of listening pleasure: at Prolight + Sound 2018 KlangdomeKollektiv will present its 3D sound in a unique setting. In the following interview, Daniel Jo Jauch from GEjODOME tent manufacturers explains what the visitors can expect at the Klangdome. 1: What kind of products are in your pallet? Klangdome is a…

New Technology for the Zurich Opera House

Since the start of the 2017/18 season, the Zurich Opera House has excellent sound equipment, using LAWO technology. A new mixing console and sound control room aim to make it easier to prepare and mix in the hall. The mc2 series are compatible with a wide range of uses and ensure an unforgettable listening experience.…

LUCAS NANO – Palette of Products is Growing

The demands on sound systems have continued to increase exponentially in recent years. The simple fact of high-quality yet inexpensive loudspeakers being accessible means that event attendees expect a well-rounded and complete sound experience outside of their own four walls as well. This standard has also been the declared goal at HK Audio with its…

Custom-fitted In-Ear Headphones

A lot of people have problems with in-ear headphones. Either they don’t sit right, they start to hurt after a while, or they start to rub. Revols’ new Bluetooth earbuds promise a higher level of comfort – they are made from a nano material that moulds to the user’s ear canal. The Revols project began…

New: Gen5 Column Speakers from Renkus-Heinz

Renkus-HeinzIt’s time for the next generation of Renkus-Heinz' digitally-steered column speakers. The fifth generation, now using UniBeam technology, is being introduced in both the Iconyx and IC Live array series. But are customers set to benefit?

Standard point-source loudspeakers are forced to make a trade-off between reach and accuracy. Renkus-Heinz claim that their Universal Beam (UniBeam) system allows them to achieve ideal, seamlessly consistent “half horn” sound coverage, with Iconyx digital beam steering shaping the coverage pattern. That means that controlling the setup should be a question of just a few mouse clicks.
Renkus-Heinz have also made other upgrades to the systems, including master/slave amp modules – which should provide savings in both cost and complexity – and the new IC16-8-RN column speaker. The American loudspeaker manufacturers claim that the new speaker improves on the older IC8-RN version with beam control effective down to 400Hz, while retaining the same acoustic pressure thanks to the chamber being doubled in length.

Disney: Screening Room Sound with the Alcons CR1 System

Before Disney trailers and films appear in German cinemas, the soundtracks are tested and given the final seal of approval in Disney Germany’s in-house cinema. In order to provide cinephiles with the best possible audio experience, Disney Germany needed a top-quality sound system of their own, so they turned to Alcons Audio to equip their screening room.
Disney Abnahmestudio mit zur Überprüfung der Sounds

WinterWorld 2015: Electro Party with SFX

WinterWorld Messe-Frankfrut

It’s one of the top events of the year for EDM fans: on 21 February, 16,000 music fans hit Messe Frankfurt for WinterWorld, Germany’s gigantic indoor EDM event. As befits a megaparty like this, a spectacular line-up – including Robin Schulz, ATB, Klaudia Gawlas, The Avener, and Felix Kröcher – needed to be cast, quite literally, in the best light.

PLS 2015: New Programme Online

new programmeIn just over a month from now, the doors to Prolight & Sound 2015 at Messe Frankfurt will open, giving visitors the chance to see the latest trends in lighting, sound, events, and stage and theatre technology at first hand. Alongside the exhibitor stands in the halls of the trade fair grounds, there will once again be a comprehensive programme of exciting presentations with industry names tackling the key topics of the moment.

Gadget of the Week: Headphones light up in time to music!


What would life be without music? It can lift your mood and drive you on. Many of us take it for granted that we always have our music collections with us, either on an MP3 player or a smartphone. But what is everyone else listening to, what sort of music are they into? This is a question that usually remains unanswered. Until now. The team behind the Kickstarter project ‘Glow’ are changing that: they have developed glowing laser headphones, whose cables and earbuds pulsate in colour to the rhythm of your music, the game you are playing on your smartphone, or even your heart.

Gadget of the Week: A Mini Synth For On the Go


Have you ever thought it might be fun to have your own beats sound tracking your day? The guys at Swedish synth makers Teenage Engineering did, so they’ve developed three battery-powered synthesisers called ‘Pockets Operators’ (PO). They fit in your trouser pocket and make real synth sound a portable proposition. These are three miniature marvels: the PO-12 ‘rhythm’ drum machine, PO-14 ‘sub’ bass, and PO-16 ‘factory’ melody synthesiser.

Gadget of the Week: the world’s most extraordinary orchestra

Gadget of the Week: the world’s most extraordinary orchestra

This ‘music box’ houses probably the most unusual orchestra in the world. Seventeen musical instruments all fitted in a hand-finished oak case, operated by means of a precisely calibrated system of pneumatics. The system plucks, strums, and plays drums. Along with a bass and a snare drum, twelve additional percussion instruments feature in the jukebox, including bongos, agogos, woodblocks, a tambourine, maracas, and a cow bell, along with three types of cymbal (ride, crash, and splash). The rhythm section is supported by a bass synthesiser that ensures the low notes get their due. A full-sized guitar and a banjo see to the melody and harmonies.

Total 360 Pleasure: Samsung’s new ‘Ring Radiator’ speakers


These new 360° speakers from Samsung promise a listening experience that is out of the ordinary. The consumer electronics giant is planning to take on the audio market in 2015 and has already started introducing its latest product ranges. These include the innovative WAM7500/6500 series speakers, which are designed to provide what Samsung describes as a “rich-bodied sound experience”. The new audio concept from the global heavyweight is revealed in the design itself: unlike traditional speakers, Samsung’s latest developments are egg-shaped. Instead of projecting sound in just one direction, they fill an entire room.

TW AUDiO: Success in Arabian market

TW AUDIOLighting and sound are key to the success of any public event, and TW AUDiO partner IAC Qatar was on hand to provide the sound and lighting systems for the 4th Katara Traditional Dhow Festival in Qatar. Held thanks to the patronage of Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the five-day festival is considered the most exceptional maritime event in the region. The 4th festival took place in November, and was a showcase for Qatar’s maritime heritage and customs requiring a full 400m of Gulf shoreline to do them justice. Several members of the Gulf Cooperation Council also participated.

Video Mapping: An AV History Lesson

Are churches old, dusty, boring? You can’t just wave away the fact that historical buildings aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. But what if visiting a church could be made more visceral and exciting - like in Sant Climent de Taüll in Spain. A permanent video mapping installation in the church - accompanied by a stunning (and award-winning) audio-visual presentation - brings 12th century frescoes back to life.

Gadget of the Week: Prizm – Streaming the smart way

Musik Player PrizmMusic must match the mood. Sure, you can do that with a playlist, but you have to take time out to make them first. What if there was a device that could automatically adapt to the situation in the room and start playing the right music, depending on who is present? This is exactly what a group of French music lovers asked themselves before creating Prizm – probably the most ingenious music player of all time. It started as a crowdfunding project. Now, it's just a question of time before it hits the shops.