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Sennheiser Urbanite: Market share the funny way

Werbespot zum Sennheiser Urbanite KopfhörerHow do I get my product noticed? What makes for a good advertisement? And how do I surprise my target demographic? These are questions that all business ask themselves, including Wedemark-based German audio specialists Sennheiser. The number of companies producing headphones is growing, increasing competitive pressures. Even global players like Sennheiser need to constantly innovate in order to stay ahead of the competition, stay in the public eye, and keep both music and tech fans loyal to their brand and products.

LED Technology: New colours for theatres, cinema and events

LED lighting technologyLED lighting technology has been moving forward at a dizzying pace, but even so, some technical problems have proven hard to crack. Including, up till now, mixing the colours orange, pink, and aquamarine using LED spotlights. Now the experts at Steinigke Showtechnic have brought a range of spots to market that can do just that. The secret of the new HCL (hexacolour) Futurelight and Eurolite spots? 6-in-1 LEDs with upgraded technical features.

The beam of the HCL spots is composed of a mixture of red, green, blue, amber, white and UV. Integrating amber and UV LEDs into the 6-in-1 LEDs not only makes the amber LEDs brighter, it makes previously impossible effects and colour mixes possible. Textures are made vividly real, and some colours literally sparkle.

New Years in Berlin with wicked lighting from ROBE

New YearsGermany's biggest New Year's Eve Party 2014 was once again held in Berlin. About a million visitors moved about between the Brandenburg Gate and the Victory Column. Music acts such as Frieda Gold, Adel Tawil and The Trans-Siberian Orchestra covered the musical section of events. The highlight of the evening was the spectacular fireworks. show. A big part of the success of the capital's mega party, however, was  ROBE's eclectic event engineering.

Especially on the main stage at the Brandenburg Gate and at the party on the Strasse des 17. Juni, the spots, beams and flood lights of the Czech Republic's lighting technology producer, ROBE, were utilized. 14 Pointes were used on mobile LED wall risers for accents. 18 Pointes were attached to the roof's truss substructure, 12 additional ones were mounted in the side wings and six Pointes were mounted on the stage floor.