Schlagworte: stage design

Concert Insights With PRG

PRG has been fascinating for years with its spectacular shows in the Festhalle. This year, the show is once again a highlight. But at this year's Prolight + Sound, the exhibitor still has some special features in its "backstage" zone. It is all about concerts and tours and shows some tracks used by stars like…

New Quick Connector from LMP

LMP stands for outstanding light and pyrotechics, and has been an exhibitor at Prolight + Sound. Last year their pallet of products were expanded with the LITECRAFT Truss product line, which augments the LMP technology with hi-quality aluminum trusses and auxiliaries. The line of products is top notch, with quality manufacturing that is tuned to…

Waterproof: Lake Stage Bregenz relies on SGM Lighting

It is one of the world‘s most unusual stages: the floating lake stage in the Austrian city of Bregenz. The event location lies directly on the shore of Lake Constance, and the stage itself floats on the water. The Bregenz Festival has been rising to the challenge of the extraordinary location since 1946 and realizes…

ShowTex: Innovative Stagecraft and Light Design

Gigantic shows and innovative fair booths often cannot do without flame retardant fabrics and motion control systems. The Belgian company ShowTex has both the technology and the experience to provide customers with a wide range of solutions to meet the most challenges in the set up and design of stages and fair booths. In the follwing interview Bo Bettens, Marketing Manager at Showtex, reveals where the company's roots lie and how the industry has changed in recent years.

PLS 2015: Opus Award Winner Marcus Mechelhoff


With his production for the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, 25 Jahre Mauerfall, Marcus Mechelhoff thrilled hundreds of thousands of visitors to Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate in November last year. His remit included the lighting, audio, video, and the pyrotechnics for the spectacular open air event. The skill with which he carried this out is to be recognised at Prolight + Sound 2015 where he will be bestowed with a much sought-after Opus Award for Technical Realisation.

Technic of the Stars: Peter Maffay Rocks With Lightpower

Peter Maffay live

Peter Maffay has been in show business going on 45 years now, and with 16 number one albums he is the most successful artist in the German charts by some distance. He delighted children with the little green dragon Tabaluga, and has taken a stand as a peace activist, but music continues to play a crucial role in his life. His latest album, “Wenn das so ist” (“If that’s the case”) came out last year, and the tour continues. For many years, Maffay has been able to call on the expertise of lighting designer Günter Jäckle, who in turn has been able to rely on German stage lighting supplier Lightpower.

Behind the Scenes: Halftime at the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is America’s big annual event. The excitement grips the entire nation - and the accompanying advertising campaigns and halftime show during the game are equally big news. The following time-lapse video demonstrates just how much engineering skill is needed to make that possible: putting up an entire stage in the time it…

Technic of the Stars: Fanta 4 “Rekord” Tour with ROBE

Fanta-Vier-Konzert-SmudoIf you’re talking about stage design, there’s one name known to everyone in the branch: Gunther Hecker. A lighting designer by trade, he has introduced a series of innovative new design elements that continue to surprise the field. Hecker has been working together with Germany’s hip-hop pioneers Die Fantastischen Vier (known as Fanta 4 to fans) for 22 years. For the band’s recently concluded ‘Record Tour’, marking the group’s 25th anniversary, he collaborated with lighting director and front of house system engineer Marc Lorenz to produce yet another set, light and video design from the very top drawer.

Innovative stage design with mixed-media elements

This set is based on a bare stage; wherever they happen to be playing, the far wall of the auditorium serves as the backdrop - at first. Then comes the big surprise. Halfway through the show, the stage transforms: three trusses and a Cyberhoist system seal off the back of the stage with walls of golden material. The wall of golden panels shimmers as lights play off it and videos are projected onto it. The effect is complemented by another onstage eye catcher: an LED video cube hanging above the middle of the stage, with screens playing on six of its 4m wide faces.

Opus Winner Mark Fisher: Stage Designer Par Excellence

Opus Gewinner: Mark Fisher

He worked with artists like Pink Floyd, the Rolling Stones, Lady Gaga, U2 and Madonna: Mark Fisher, architect and set designer par excellence, passed away in June 2013 at the age of 66. Thanks to his work, he will never be forgotten. At this year’s Prolight + Sound, Fisher was posthumously awarded the Opus Award in the Technical Realisation category for ‘The Wall 2013’ with Pink Floyd, as well as receiving the jury’s [honorary] award.

It was a great opportunity to honour Mark Fisher’s work and contribution to the community”, said Lucy Davenport of Stufish Entertainment Architects, the architectural and production design studio that Fisher founded. “He was capable of fusing a creative concept with technical finesse without ever compromising the idea and its visual beauty.”