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LED Technology: New colours for theatres, cinema and events

LED lighting technologyLED lighting technology has been moving forward at a dizzying pace, but even so, some technical problems have proven hard to crack. Including, up till now, mixing the colours orange, pink, and aquamarine using LED spotlights. Now the experts at Steinigke Showtechnic have brought a range of spots to market that can do just that. The secret of the new HCL (hexacolour) Futurelight and Eurolite spots? 6-in-1 LEDs with upgraded technical features.

The beam of the HCL spots is composed of a mixture of red, green, blue, amber, white and UV. Integrating amber and UV LEDs into the 6-in-1 LEDs not only makes the amber LEDs brighter, it makes previously impossible effects and colour mixes possible. Textures are made vividly real, and some colours literally sparkle.

Steinigke Eurolite: At home on the stages of the world

Booming bass, happy people, a gigantic show arrangement and more than two million watts: The Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas is not only one of the biggest, but also one of the most elaborate festivals in the USA: This year one more record was broken, the biggest stage ever built in the USA, which naturally had to be lit just right. An honor for Steinigke Showtechnic, who took the USA by storm this summer with their spotlights and lighting effects.

Lego goes concert

Lego goes concertStage mechanics, light and sound - those are the themes of the Prolight and Sound. However, it is not only in the spotlight at this trade fair. Even little Lego figures know how it works. This funny video shows just how much work goes into building a stage, which most concert attendees never see. From the first truck, that brings the material for the build, followed by the tech check and finally the band's performance, everything is animated with Lego bricks and Lego figures.