prolight + sound guided tours

These tours are among the highlights of the trade fair, and not only for school classes and young technicians in the live entertainment and live entertainment sector: the guided tours at Prolight + Sound. Initiated by EVENT PARTNER, these guided tours are available for interested participants at the fair. Once again, this year the guided tours will take place on various themes and at various times.

Jojo Tillman – Opus winner leads tour of the fair

As “old hand” in the field of lighting technology, Jojo Tillmann knows what trends and innovations are important for effective shows. The winner of the Opus Award 2018, for instance, will be leading a tour of Prolight + Sound at 10:30 on April 3 and 4 on the subject of ‘light’. Participants will learn useful facts about technology, but also knowledge that goes beyond their scope of familiarity.

Jojo Tillmann told Event Partner, “the participants came together from the many different areas surrounding the topic. This is always an exciting mixture. The participants’ thirst for knowledge is omnipresent, especially during group and individual discussions.”

Guided Tours: looking behind the scenes after registration

The focus of the guided tours are also directed toward other topics. Visitors can also register for “communication solutions for events” and “media technology.” Simply decide online for one or more tours, register on the website and EVENT PARTNER will contact the interested parties with further information on how to participate. In this way, a visit to Prolight + Sound can be expanded with further experiences. Take a deeper look at the guided tour! Enjoy signing up for the tour.