Robe Lighting Show Prolight + Sound 2024

Spectacular Shows & new Products: 30 Years of Robe Lighting

Robe Lighting, one of the leading manufacturers of professional lighting solutions, celebrated its 30th anniversary at Prolight + Sound 2024. This anniversary marks three decades during which the company has made significant contributions to the development of the lighting industry. This year, Robe presented numerous new products and continued the tradition of demonstrating its technological…

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The Prolight + Sound Fair 2024 will be a highlight for all lighting enthusiasts. Here, you can experience the latest innovations live, engage with industry experts, and participate in workshops and demonstrations. It’s an opportunity to witness the future of lighting technology today and be inspired by the countless possibilities.

In addition to the topics already mentioned, we will also address the ethical and eco-friendly aspects of the industry. In a world increasingly focusing on sustainability, it’s essential to understand the ecological impacts and benefits of modern lighting solutions.

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