Alfa Systems – Engineered Motion Solutions For The Entertainment Industry.

Theaters and venues have a special need for technical equipment to provide a unique shows. A key role is played by stage machinery, in charge of moving and suspending pieces of scenery while ensuring the safety for performers and people involved. Winches, stage and orchestra elevators, stage wagons and revolving stages, ... All are essential parts of a sophisticated equipment which, controlled by a dedicated control, is called into action when it is time for setup, quick scene changes, performer flying, etc...

Experience since 1987

ALFA SYSTEM Sas company has been building its reputation in this field since 1987 as a provider of complete design, manufacturing and installation services in this field.
Originally specializing in the supply of permanently installed stage machinery for theatres, over the time the company has also developed a range of solutions for the event/temporary installations market.
With an high focus on mechanical design, here you can count on tailored motion solutions covering winches, platforms, wagons, turntables and any kind of automation for TV and touring shows.

1. Last year, after a two-year break, there have been more events again. How has your company perceived the past few months and what are your expectations for the industry in the coming years?

Alfa System provides automation solutions for both permanent and temporary installations. Because of this mix, even during the pandemic period, we have continued working rather well and without any stop.

However the last months have been particularly intense because of an increased number of projects related to events.

I believe that, for an event company, investing in the type of automation Alfa System does is a very important step. We are frequently talking about sophisticated variable speed solutions and controls with relevant implications for the safety, not something you put in any show. The return we are seeing in investing in event automation means our industry has a much brighter view of the future.

Also in the permanent installations area, connections are growing and getting stronger, fed by a very interesting number of enquires. For the coming years we are very optimistic.

2. How have the stage set-ups changed over the years?

Automation is constantly growing, driven by the need to keep safety on top in a market continuously challenged by creativity and logistics.

3. What significance does Prolight + Sound have for you as an event technology trade show?

The wide range of technologies presents at Prolight+Sound has the capacity to attract people from different segments, from consultants to system integrators, from theatre teams looking to improve their workplace to event companies looking to increase their rental stock. Artists are visiting as well.

4. With regard to Prolight + Sound 2023: Can you give visitors a little foretaste of what to expect?

We will have on display theatre winches, from simple to variable speed solutions. And some rental solutions, including some of our entertainment winches.

Having a very large solutions portfolio we can physically bring only a taste of what we can provide. But, for anything else, we will be inspiring our visitors with the help of virtual reality!

Alfa System welcomes you in hall 12 at booth C38.

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