Area Four Industries starts Internet TV Channel

How is a burden calculation carried out for temporary structures? What regulations apply for temporary roof systems? Such questions are now addressed on the new Internet TV channel from Area Four Industries. The world’s largest manufacturer of aluminum trusses and scaffolding constructions has initiated the first online video platform about trusses and rigging.

Hints, Tricks and best practice

In addition to tutorials, at the new website you can find exciting information, product presentations, and best practice examples from the rigging and framing industry. In over 70 videos to date, experts give hints, tricks, present new products, and grant insights into the most exciting projects from Area Four Industries and its four truss brands: Milos, Litec, James Thomas Engineering and Tomcat.

The focus of the videos lies on training, design, rigging, products, and videos on location. However, in the future not only the A4I experts should be in focus on the new platform, it should also facilitate interaction with figures in the industry. This way, users can submit topics and load videos.

In addition, there is a tutorial series, which communicates the basics of dealing with trusses and rigging. One of the first is the “Knots Binding” tutorials from Eric Porter, an internationally famous rigging pro who conducts rigging workshops and seminars as certified rigging consultant for Area Four Industries and the MILOS brand in Europe and China.

Usability for easy orientation

In designing the website, the consortium not only emphasized professional content, but also user-friendliness. Correspondingly, the videos are divided into the categories of education, design basics, product basics, rigging basics, and on-site videos, in order to facilitate easy orientation.

Area Four Industries is the world’s largest producer of aluminum trusses and framing structures, bringing together the brands Milos, Litec, Tomcat and James Thomas Engineering. As think tank and dynamic company, the group aims to improve event technology and its safety practices. To that end, it uses continuous optimization and training programs in partnership with leading industry experts.

The cooperation of the four brands leads to an optimized and newly defined structure, which make it possible for Area Four Industries to give its clients access to the world’s largest selection of trusses, framing structures, peripheral products and the accompanying services.

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