Av Stumpfl

Prolight + Sound were a complete success for many exhibitors. It was also a success for the
Austrian technology producer AV Stumpfl. The company presented a revolutionary screen
system leg, a series of innovative projection screens and 8K media server.

“People want to touch our products”

AV Stumpfl AV Stumpfl – Short set-up times, reduced maintenance, more mobility, and limited overall operating costs – that’s the AV Stumpfl product philosophy. The Austrian company developed its new screen system leg T-32 using these core principles. The leg makes it possible for a single person to adjust the mobile screen without the screen having to be taken apart.

“The technological vision behind the development of the T-32 Shift are not just based on our own ideas, they were also influenced by direct feedback from our customers,” explained Tobias Stumpfl, AV Stumpfl CEO.

Prolight + Sound is important, precisely for presenting new products to customers. “People come here and want to touch our products,” explained Hans Christian Stucken, Global Marketing Manager with AV Stumpfl. “That doesn’t work online. At Prolight + Sound they can come to our stand, and shake and poke the screens. That way they can test the products far better.”

That way, visitors have the possibility to convince themselves about the compatibility of the T-32 Shift with the existing screen systems like Monoblox32 and MonoClip32 screen frames.

Presenting innovations in the media server field

In addition to a selection of prize-winning project screen, the company has presented the newest hardware and software products in the field of media service. For example, the new Wings Vioso RX 2.2 software as well as its 8k media server Wings Engine STAGE and Wings Engine RAW. Besides this, visitors can try out the automated Wings Vioso camera calibration.

“Prolight + Sound is an absolute must for us,” Hans Christian Stucken added and said, “We have a base of customers and clients in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The trade fair makes it possible to sharpen our profile and simultaneously meet clients who are not present at other trade fairs.”