Espartaco Saez-commercial director PLS 2020

Since 1969, Acustica Beyma has been designing and manufacturing a wide range of loudspeaker solutions from its Valencia factory. Beyma is one of the most notorious companies in the audio sector and is considered one of the most important companies in the world. As a permanent guest at Prolight + Sound, they will also be present at the anniversary edition. In an interview the commercial director, Espartaco Saez, explains what is important at Beyma.

Espartaco Saez-commercial director PLS 2020

Beyma Commercial Director, Espartaco Saez

1. Your company creates unique audio products. What do you pay the most attention to when you are developing new ideas?

Any new product must cover two basic needs: First it must solve a problem and/or fulfill a customer’s need, it must be clearly useful and give a solution to a customer.
And, on the other hand, the product must improve any existing solution in the market, it must have a differential advantage over what already exists in the market.

2. How has the industry changed since the beginning of your production? What potential is there in this area?

The industry in general has become very professional, quality requirements have been raised as well as levels of precision when designing and manufacturing products. This has also led to an increase in efficiency in general.

Our company has taken that same direction, raising its quality, precision and efficiency in the design and manufacture of products. We believe that there are always margins of improvement and our flexibility is key to continue gaining market share.

3. For how many times have you participated at Prolight + Sound as an exhibitor? What are the reasons for your participation?

We are continuously attending the Frankfurt Prolight + Sound fair as exhibitors since 1974. The main reason is that for us this is the worldwide reference tradeshow when we talking about acoustic transducers.

4. What significance does Prolight + Sound have as a trade fair for event TINA SELECTION Beyma PLS 2020technology?

For us Prolight + Sound represents the most technical forum worldwide to display our new products. It is the place where the most productive meetings take place at a highest technical level

5. With regard to the Prolight + Sound 2020: Can you give visitors a little taste of what to expect?

At the moment it is a secret but, as we have explained in the first question, our plan is to introduce various solutions for our clients that represent an advantage over any existing product in the market.

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