Spectacular Presentations With Holopoint

Boring PowerPoint presentations were yesterday. With the holography technology of entertainer and show producer Ralf Matten, presentations and keynotes are taken to a new level. Holopoint Hologram visualizes static PowerPoint and KeyNote documents and transforms them into a 3D experience. (mehr …)

New business segment for VisionTwo: UV-C disinfection lamps

Despite current circumstances new ways take - completely after this slogan the distribution assumption VisionTwo takes over the selling of a comprehensive product series of UV C disinfection lamps. Originally as exclusive selling partners for professional technology of different sections in Event, TV and theater at the market positioned, opens vision Two now a new…

So Close To Heaven …

...would be the drummer who plays his solo on this drum set.

Cool sound in lofty heights. Even more gadgets, innovative stage constructions and everything around light and special effects can be seen in halls 12.1 and 12.0.

Immersive Multimedia Show Brings Roman Colosseum to Life

This summer the Canadian media arts company Graphis Emotions and the Italian company Electa Editore brought the legendary Colosseum in Rome to life with an immersive multimedia production. “Sangue e Arena: the Show” ran from May to October 2018 and will take place annually at the Colosseum in the future. Multimediale show takes visitors back…

Sound of the Wall

Sound of the wall

The visitor strolls past a stand and suddenly a voice comes out of the giant decoration of the exhibition stand. However, it is not a simple decoration. Those are high performance acoustic panels from Vicoustic. They are designed for the most demanding interior designers. They combine high performance sound absorption with an innovative seamless design. Behind the panels is a loudspeaker. The ambient noise is thus absorbed and the speaker can be understood perfectly.

Sound check … Ring Ring Ring…

Ring Ring Ring

Gadget: The smallest sound orchestra at the fair. Yes, you can not deny that these small colorful finds "make" sound. Even if the bass is very weak, the sound pierces marrow and bone. 🙂 Thumbs up, for this interpretation of "Technologies and Services for Entertainment, Integrated Systems and Creation" ...

Holograms in your own four walls

Holograms are part of most Sci-Fi flicks, just like salt flavours a soup. But various recent stage events that this technology is no longer merely a vision of the future. Whether it means resurrecting Michael Jackson or projecting fictive figures as singing partners, this special eye catcher is still fascinating for many concertgoers. But how…

Find of the Week: Soundwaves Printed in Clay

3D printers may not be such a novelty anymore, but that takes nothing away from their creative potential. Even given that, our find of the week is still truly extraordinary: soundwaves made visible. With the help of a clay printer, vibrations are transformed into solid works of art in clay that hold visual appeal for…

Beker – Hear Music Underwater

Listen to music on the go or while playing sport, without cutting yourself off from the outside world? No problem these days with the right gadgets – more specifically, bone conduction headphones. They take advantage of vibrations, which are channelled directly to the auditory nerve through the skull. The Beker bone conduction headphones go a…

Withings Aura: A Gentle Awakening

With the first rays of summer sunlight, our bodies tell us that night is past. Yet in the depths of winter, we are forced to rise and… not shine, in darkness. Many of us are left feeling tired and ‘off’. The Withings Aura alarm clock is set to change that – by putting going to…

Custom-fitted In-Ear Headphones

A lot of people have problems with in-ear headphones. Either they don’t sit right, they start to hurt after a while, or they start to rub. Revols’ new Bluetooth earbuds promise a higher level of comfort – they are made from a nano material that moulds to the user’s ear canal. The Revols project began…

China Gadget of the Week: Bikes Turn into Screens

These days, many people depend on the daily use of bicycles as a means of transportation. That’s why a properly functioning light is important, especially at night or during poor weather. The China gadget ‘Balight’ is definitely an attention-grabber and an additional source of light. As soon as darkness falls, the LEDs shine gloriously and…

Gadget of the Week: Moon in a Room

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” With those famous words, Neil Armstrong became the first man to set foot on the moon. A lot has happened since that day in 1969. Many of us no longer take the time to look out of the window and enjoy the moonlight –…

Gadget of the Week: SmartHalo for Smart Cyclists

Everyone who’s caught the cycling bug knows there’s nothing better than being out on your bike – in all weathers, too. The only problem is, if you’re cycling somewhere new, how do you find your way? You can try using the map on your phone, but it’s not exactly a piece of cake trying to…

Gadget of the Week: Bose SoundLink Mini II

As one of the world’s number one speaker makers, Bose is as well-known for high-quality sound and design as it is for innovation. Their SoundLink Color Bluetooth speaker range hit the shops a few months back; now Bose is introducing the second generation SoundLink Mini II. Big Sound in a Small Package At 18x6x5cm and…

Gadget of the Week: A Splashproof Portable Speaker by JBL

They’re becoming a familiar sight – and sound: compact, wireless portable speakers that produce more than decent sound quality. One such portable speaker series is JBL’s Flip, and the third generation of the Bluetooth speakers is now available. Like its predecessors, the Flip 3 boasts a robust design and decent battery life. It can also…

Gadget of the Week: Mpow’s Affordable Sports Headphones

Mpow’sMotivation is the be all and end all when it comes to fitness. With the right music pushing you that little bit harder, you can find yourself knocking minutes off your personal best, or doubling your rep count. Standard in-ear headphones are a common choice for the gym or going for a run, but wireless Bluetooth headsets – like Mpow’s Cheetah – are an excellent alternative for the fitness enthusiasts out there.