Gadget of the Week: Lord of the Glow Rings

glow rings

Whether for a proposal, the big day, or ‘just because’, these rings will leave the recipient glowing. Though there is a choice to be made between two projects: Glowing Rings, or Carbon 6. What’s the difference between their offers?

Carbon 6

The design phase for these carbon fibre rings only began in January this year, but the hand-finished rings are already ready to go into production.

Customers can choose between several different models:
- the classic carbon fibre version,
- a design which includes a luminescent insert on the inner band that glows white or sky blue,
- a version with a silver insert on the inner band, one with an inlay on the outside of the band, and a version that combines both.

The manufacturer claims that the rings are very comfortable to wear thanks to their premium finish, and would be suitable as wedding rings. Currently, the basic Carbon 6 rings costs around €80 with a 5-year guarantee. If the ring were to break, get scratched, or be damaged in any other way during this time, it can be sent back to Carbon 6 for repair.

Glowing Rings

The Glowing Rings make a virtue of their lightness based on their titanium and ceramic construction. They use a phosphorescent resin. The customer has more options with Glowing Rings: green, blue, white, orange, and red – at around only €40 each.

The luminescent finish is applied to the outside of these rings, which might be considered a step ahead of the Carbon 6, since the luminescent paint needs light to charge it. According to the manufacturer, the resin should keep glowing for 10-20 years, so it sounds like you can get a fair amount of use out of them.

At the end of the day, anyone interested in purchasing a ring of this kind will have to decide which design they prefer and whether the gap in pricing is worth paying.


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