PLS CO2 emissions

Climate change and its consequences are becoming increasingly relevant to society. The music industry has now also reacted to this: The concert and event promoter FKP Scorpio is reducing its ecological footprint on its tours. To this end, it has taken measures to reduce and compensate for the CO2 emissions of its tour vehicles. This has already been successfully implemented on 269 tours.

Touring vehicles can offset emissions

Through a partnership between FKP Scorpio and atmosfair, artists have been able to effectively offset the emissions of all touring vehicles since 2018. atmosfair is a climate protection organization with a focus on travel, which actively promotes climate protection, including the compensation of greenhouse gases through renewable energies worldwide.

The funds collected through this are donated 100 percent to Atmosfair projects. The projects awarded the CDM Gold Standard seal are not only beneficial for the climate in developing countries, but also for development policy. All donations collected since the beginning of the year are exclusively used for a sustainable wind energy project in Nicaragua.

PLS CO2 emissionsAlternative means of transport in the foreground

Air travel has also been compensated without exception since 2019. Wherever possible, other means of transport always have priority. Soon, business trips with rental cars will also be compensated.

In addition to the “Green Rockt – Programme”, which was introduced in 2013, compensation for travel in the festival sector will ensure greater sustainability. For example, with the start of advance ticket sales for Hurricane, M’era Luna, Southside and Highfield, visitors were able to book an additional compensation package for the first time. Around 10 percent of the festival guests took advantage of this opportunity. So far, this is a very good rate, which is set to rise further in the future.

Improve global climate balance

Ecologically and socially sustainable projects are supported by the compensation of greenhouse gases and thus aim to improve the global climate balance. At the same time, the measures should be seen as a pragmatic interim solution to relieve the climate. Furthermore, attention will be drawn to important sustainability issues.

“Even though we are very happy that we have achieved very good results together with many artists and visitors, we are aware that these measures can only be a beginning”, says Folkert Koopmans, founder and CEO of FKP Scorpio. “We would also like to emphasize that we are not communicating them for our own profile. We hope that awareness in the industry and among our guests will continue to grow.” FKP Scorpio is convinced of the cultural value of live music. Therefore, they would like to share it with music fans in Europe – as sustainably as possible.