A lot of people have problems with in-ear headphones. Either they don’t sit right, they start to hurt after a while, or they start to rub. Revols’ new Bluetooth earbuds promise a higher level of comfort – they are made from a nano material that moulds to the user’s ear canal.

The Revols project began with the idea of developing headphones that are ‘tailor-made’ for every customer. The start-up oriented itself on the headphones commonly worn by sound engineers. These professional headphones are expensive – too expensive for the average consumer. But Revols decided to depart from the traditional method of taking a ‘cast’ of the ear canal using silicon, instead promising a perfect fit by filling any ear canal with their innovative nano material.

How They Work

The nano material makes fitting and using the headphones child’s play. All you need to do is lightly press the Revols into your ears, and activate the moulding process using an Android or iOS app. The earpieces remain flexible while moulding to the natural shape of the ear. Two different-sized pairs of earpieces are included with each purchase and it’s possible to order more. According to Revols, the two sizes included in the pack should ensure a good fit however big or small your ears are.

Quality and Technology United

The Revols Earphones don’t just look good, they sound good, with Onkyo providing the speakers. Additionally, they can be managed using the app – for example, the amount of background noise can be controlled. Revols’ earphone project can be backed on Kickstarter. The earphones themselves will currently set you back $199, while pledging $369 or more will get you two pairs.

Source: Revols