Sitting Comfortably In Doughty’s G-clamp

Superlatives have always been part of Prolight + Sound. So it's no surprise that this year's Prolight + Sound also featured a real eye-catcher in large format. Doughty Engineering is actually known for producing high-quality accessories for the entertainment industry - which are often rather small-format. Among other things, the company, which is based in Great Britain, produces aluminium clamps. At Prolight + Sound, however, the company showed that it can also go big and presented a clamp to sit in.

Five decades of G-clamps and rigging equipment

With 52 years in business, Doughty Engineering is already an old hand in the event industry, although the company's roots actually lie in agriculture as a supplier of technical accessories for tractors. It was a friendly connection with a theatre company that eventually led to Doughty gaining a foothold in the entertainment industry. Since then, Doughty's products have been used by theatres, film studios and broadcasters worldwide.
It started with G-clamps and led to more and more rigging equipment. Now Doughty Engineering offers a wide portfolio of high quality products tailored to the specific requirements of the entertainment and industrial sectors. The product range includes a variety of engineering solutions including clamps, suspensions, truss systems, lighting tripods and a wide range of accessories.

In particular, Doughty's clamps and suspensions are another integral part of their product portfolio. These are designed to ensure safe and reliable mounting of lighting and sound equipment in any situation. From simple clamps to complex suspension systems, Doughty offers a range of solutions tailored to customers' specific requirements.

And that's why the comfortable seat on the British company's stand is - how could it be otherwise - in the shape of a G-clamp.

Production in Great Britain

The customised solutions are produced in Great Britain. Here, the founder still develops his customised products himself and addresses specific requirements tailored to the specific needs of a project or institution. Manufacturing in the UK also allows Doughty Engineering direct and efficient quality control.

Prolight + Sound 2023 was a success for the British company with many and above all good contacts. Above all, the increasing internationality after Corona makes the trade fair the most important trade fair in Europe for the company. It is not only about presenting and discovering new products and solutions, but also about meeting friends again.

Founded in 1985, Doughty Engineering has its beginnings as a pioneer in the manufacture of robust and durable products that can withstand even the toughest working conditions. For nearly four decades, the company's constant evolution and expansion has reflected its willingness to adapt to the ever-changing demands and standards of the industry.

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