There isn’t just innovative technology at Prolight + Sound, frequently the exhibitors‘ stands are fascinating and worth a look. However, impressive trade fair presentations don’t get made by themselves. The people at Fairconstruction support the planning, conception, organization and realization of trade fair presentations. As a company affiliated with Messe Frankfurt, they are at home on the fair grounds and know the space at Prolight + Sound.

1. Which things are among your tasks at Messe Frankfurt?

fairconstruction_boothFollowing my roles as project manager in the design, planning calculation and quality controls, I am active in a top team in our company. In addition, I have be assuming marketing tasks since January 2018. As business manager, I am contact person and interface for key accounts, exhibitors as well as operators, subsidiaries and sales partners, as well as our Fairconstruction leadership and colleagues.

2. As a contact person in the field of trade fair construction, you have surely received some interesting requests. What were some of the craziest ideas?

Exhibitors, organizers, and third party designers often have a never-ending flow of ideas without knowing how to realize their bold visions: temporary construction with refrigerator panels, exhibiting the world’s largest dinosaur skeleton, building an entire hall out of non-flammable paper… projects like these aren’t realized alone. This is where Fairconstruction’s unique network comes into play, where you can find convincing answers to every question.

3. What are the limits to realizing exhibitors’ planning?

Simply put: budget, fire safety and gravity. Of course architectural limits also exist, and we are able to hang things from the hall ceilings, but not make things float yet. The customers’ financial framework also sets limits, within which we can best astound clients and visitors.

4. At Prolight + Sound the exhibition pieces can sometimes be somewhat larger and unusual – for example, the world’s largest LED display or entire stages. How do you deal with the challenge of putting such large products in “their best light.”?

“Length times width times height” – Within that almost everything is possible. Preparation and structured planning are particularly important with oversized and otherwise unusual exhibits or constructions. And this once again leads us to the beginnings of all great deeds: an extended consultation discussion with the Fairconstruction company