Creative, full of ideas and innovation – this is one way to describe the applications for the Future Talents Project 2018. The applicants included a great variety of young talent. Choosing a winner was anything but easy.

Future Talents Project 2018 – Numerous ideas this year as well

3rd place: Technical team (2nd generation) of the Maristenschule under the direction of Rainer Kowanda

3. Platz future talents project

A theatrical performance of the 3rd placed students from Recklingshausen

The participants include technology-oriented students from the 9th grade who plan, set-up and accompany the technology for events at their school. At the beginning they were under the direction of an experienced event technician, but the dedicated students now organize almost everything themselves.

“Our work is real team work. Everyone is responsible for a small area and still part of the team. Therefore nobody is superfluous and always has plenty of work,” the students explain their project.

2nd place: BeOne – Youth Church in Heidelberg with Julian Limmer as contact person

A week of youth church took place in Heidelberg’s Providenzkirche under the name “BeOne”. With the help of new equipment and good teamwork, the young people were able to create an exciting atmosphere using sound and light technology. Julian Limmer, himself a student at the Dietrich Bonhoeffer School, was head of lighting technology during this time.

2. Platz Future Talents Project

Light installation in the Heidelberg Providence Church by the youth church BeOne.

He remembers back with enthusiasm:

“Thanks to the 4 moving heads & 4 scanners, 22 LEDs, white light, a laser, and a hazer, I had a great choice of possibilities to cast the old church in a new light. The stage design also played a role: 6 LEDs were set up on increasingly high trusses. On the other side of the stage there were two moving heads on tripods and the 4 scanners were in front of the stage.”

And the winner is…

1st place: LightController by Tino Wöllhaf / Hochschule Furtwangen

We were very excited by the students’ submission. Tino Wöllhaf applied to the Future Talents Projects 2018 with his work on the development of a wireless lighting control system. He had developed a system for the realization of control software for lighting systems that is easy to use and dependable.

“The development of the wireless lighting control system emerged out of the idea of making it possible to have lighting technology at smaller events with untrained personnel,” Tino Wöllhaf enthusiastically explained. “Because there wasn’t any such product on the market at the start of the project, I developed it myself.”

We congratulate all winners and thank all the submitter for the creative and exciting projects. We are looking forward to next year!