The DJ has everything set up, the guests are ready to party, there are plenty of drinks and snacks – the only thing missing is the perfect lighting. That’s where a couple of bright sparks from Brooklyn come in. They invented the L3D Cube, a 3D LED matrix that responds to music and background noise via its built-in microphone and transforms sound into a one of a kind light display. Right now, the project is still in the formative stage on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, but it has already proved tremendously popular.

They targeted $38,000 in funding – after just a few days, it has already received backing to the tune of more than $122,000. And there are still 26 days left until the deadline. The L3D is getting a lot of attention, and it’s not hard to see why. The cubes don’t just react to music and voices – they can also respond to each other, and to other sensors like Microsoft’s Kinect, Structure, the Leap Motion 3D Controller, or MaKey MaKey.

Create and share 3D visualisations

The L3D Cube comes with a starter kit and can easily be put together within a half hour. You don’t have to program the 3D effects yourself, but the L3D gives you the option to do so. Yes, you can create your own visualisations and upload them to ‘CubeTube’, where they can be shared with other L3D users (who can download them for free).

The LED cubes are available in two sizes: the smaller version measures 18.4 x 18.4 x 23cm and has 512 RGB LEDs; the bigger version measures 50 x 50 x 54 cm and has 4096 RGB LEDs. So the only question is: are you ready to party?