As a specialized manufacturer of the award-winning Hippotizer Media Server series, Green Hippo was of course also present at Prolight + Sound 2022.

Platform for creative video projects

Greeen Hippo at Prolight + Sound 2022Together with German distributor cast, Green Hippo showcased the new features of the Hippotizer software, version 4.7, as well as the latest version of the Hippotizer Media Server hardware, Hippotizer V4+ MK2 at the show. With generation-spanning performance increases of up to 100% and important new features, Hippotizer V4+ MK2 provides the platform for creative video projects for years to come.

The latest Hippotizer software, V4.7, includes a host of new features, including REST API, integration with TouchDesigner, and a new mixed reality workflow. The new REST interface lets you create custom web-based controls for Hippotizer Media Server. This allows you to trigger timelines and presets, upload and manage media, and view the status of your Hippotizer Media Servers through a simple web page or RESTful control system.

Green Hippo presents new hardware

Also on display were two of the five new hardware platforms of the Hippotizer V4+ MK2 generation. The Boreal MK2 and the Tierra MK2 were presented. The tour-ready and installable systems, which are suitable for even the most demanding productions and offer up to 100% more processing power for significantly improved generative performance, 3D mapping and visualization. With the ability to drive up to 32x 4K clips, the next-generation hardware is optimized for generative playback, smooth visualization, and up to 100% improved performance without compromising control. The V4+ MK2 delivers the hardware features desired and is designed for new and emerging workflows that rely on flexibility, generative and high-quality playback performance.

“The new hardware, combined with Hippotizer’s design, prepare and deliver workflow, offers truly impressive performance to achieve your vision now and in the future,” said Zep Mouris, Hippotizer Product Manager.

With industry standard, DP1.2 or HDMI 2.0 outputs and HDMI 2.0 live capture, V4+MK2 integrates perfectly with existing and future 4K infrastructures.

Tierra+ MK2 – a case for 007

Unmatched playback and generative performance make the Tierra+ MK2 the first choice for demanding large-scale events.

Already in the fall of 2021, Green Hippo’s flagship Hippotizer Tierra+ MK2 Media Server took center stage to create mesmerizing visuals at the James Bond No Time To Die premiere at the Royal Albert Hall.

The perfect all-round media server

Boreal+MK2 is the perfect all-round media server for rental and touring media, comfortably running demanding live events, mid-sized generative projects and 3D visualization.

The media server has integrated camera tracking capabilities that enable creative content mapping. In addition, custom web-based controls can be created for Hippotizer Media Server via the new REST API imd ais de, HippoNet can control multiple devices from a single ZooKeeper.

Hippotizer’s output management system offers complete flexibility in system configuration, while PixelMapper is a feature-rich tool that can map many thousands of light points easily and effectively.

Back panel of Boreal+MK2 photo: Green Hippo