Every live show is impressively staged when it’s put in the right light. To reach this goal, light designers control and program dozens, up to hundreds of spotlights, washes, and beams. One absolute must is the light desk that can be used to program and control spotlights. Since the end of May, High End System has been demonstrating how easy their Hog4 light desk series is with an online tutorial series.

Practical tips and easy controls

Hedgeducation Joe Haller webinare

Hedgeducation with Joe Haller, Product Specialist at High End Systems

With its new video series “Hedgeducation,” High End Systems offers an online tutorial that teaches practical basics for the operation of the Hog4 light desks. The first series is mostly devoted to the live use of the HedgeHog4 console.

In the course of five episodes, product specialist Joe Haller easily demonstrates how light shows can be programmed and controlled with the consoles. In addition to the comfortable and uncomplicated operation, he offers some practical tips and tricks for handling the desk. Step for step, a light show is created – beginning with the initial patching of fixtures all the way to the final fine-tuning of the show on location. Last but not least, the series “final” offers insights into programming praxis, because Haller puts to use the previously programmed light show in the Majestic Theatre in Madison, Wisconsin – and in that way, puts the live band in the right light.

Transferable to all Hog4 consoles

Senior Product Manager Sarah Clausen commented, “The Hedgeucation series of videos is designed to take beginning users through the basics of using the HedgeHog 4 consoles. Because all the Hog consoles from High End Systems use the same software, the information on the tutorials can be transferred to any of the lighting consoles in the series. Clausen added, “The Hog family is known first and foremost for being easy to use – getting you from patch to showtime in short order. These videos help you through those first easy steps.”

In addition to the explanatory videos with Joe Haller, High End Systems offers additional free short material, including programmed show files, to be downloaded. The first series of “Hedgeucation” can be found at www.highend.com/learnhog4.