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In the current corona crisis, protective clothing of all kinds is needed. Also Hörluchs Hearing GmbH & Co. KG, as an innovative manufacturer of high-tech products, also feels a responsibility to counteract the lack of makeshift protective masks. Therefore Hörluchs has partially changed its production to makeshift masks.

Modern 3D printing process for mask production

The makeshift mask “MOVA” is produced in a modern 3D printing process near Nuremberg. The frame of the mask is made of biocompatible plastic and is used with replaceable, high-density filter fleece. The project is supported by Création Gross GmbH & Co. KG, which uses a laser cutter to cut about 100,000 filters per day.

Suitable for everyday use with real protection

The shape of the mask only covers mouth and nose, so that the face of the wearer remains recognizable. Sustainability is also a central aspect of Hörluchs company philosophy, so that the mask frame can be used again and again. The filter element is designed to counteract the spread of own droplets when speaking, sneezing or coughing. When using the mask, it is important to replace the filter regularly after a maximum of 8 hours of wearing. The special material of the mask is certified as a medical product (class 2A) and can only be processed in a 3D printer. It is suitable for sterilisation in a steriliser at up to 105 degrees steam. After appropriate cleaning and replacement of the filter, the mask is ready for use again.

mask production with good purpose

In times of crisis, companies become inventive in order to find ways out for themselves. Hörluchs does not only want to serve the general public with the specially produced mask, but also supports charitable organizations. Therefore 10% of the turnover should go to the local Tafel and the Corona emergency aid fund of the German Red Cross.

The mask costs 49,90 Euro incl. VAT with 30 filter inserts and thus offers protection for at least 30 days. Further filters are available in a set of 30 pieces for 9.90 Euro incl. VAT. Available for order under www.hoerluchs-unlimited.com

Fohhn Audio donates signs

Other exhibitors have also changed their minds and are using their opportunities to help in the crisis. This includes Fohhn Audio AG, who are using their 3D printers to create signs and donating them to system-relevant institutions:

Picture: Hörluchs