The International Event Safety Conference (I-ESC) is one of the traditional conferences at Prolight + Sound and this year is presenting a new format. For the first time ever, the entire event will take place bilingually.

Space for discussion and networking

The I-ESC provides international speakers for event security space to discuss current industry security topics for the event and live performance industry, discussing them with the audience.
This year, the entire conference will be held in English and simultaneously interpreted into German for the first time. Correspondingly, participants will have the opportunity to pose questions for the foreign language speakers and get into conversations. In addition, numerous introductory talks on important topics related to event security will encourage participants to discuss with speakers during the breaks.

VPLT designers important program points

randell greenlee VPLT security event

Randell Greenlee, VPLT’s Director of Commerce and International Relations

The I-ESC is organized by the Associated for Media and Event Technology (VPLT). The program will be led by Randell Greenlee, VPLT’s Director of Commerce and International Relations. The keynote address will be given by Dr. Donald Cooper, Executive Director of the Event Safety Alliance.


Renowned industry speakers were able to be found, presenting on the following three main topics:

  1. State of Affairs – Event Safety Today: an International Perspective
  2. 2. Safe and Secure? – The Role Psychology Plays at Your Event
  3. The Biggest Threat to Event Safety: Why No One Should be Proud to Work a 12 Hour Shift

There will also be three international panels offering the opportunity for discussion and satellite presentation, which will contribute to the knowledge and expertise.

  1. The Fundamentals of Crowd Management: Tim Roberts, The Event Safety Shop, UK/USA
  2. Safety Awareness Education – Training for Safety: The EU-Erasmus+ ETTE-Project: Chris van Goethem, STEPP; Belgium
  3. Weather Contingency Planning: Lukas Lehner, Meteorologe, MeteoGroup; Switzerland.

In addition to the small selection of refreshments, water, coffee and tea provided, there is a restaurant close to the stage.