Meyer Sound Spacemap Go

The world of technology moves so incredibly fast that it can sometimes be hard to keep up. More and more, the boundaries of what can be imagined are being pushed anew to create unique shows and events. The audio industry has done this with the development of immersive audio. One of the most prominent proponents is American audio manufacturer Meyer Sound, who is taking live shows to a new level of sound with its immersive sound solutions.

Audio storytelling that immerses listeners

lmmersive sound is audio that comes not just from one source or from stationary positions to your left and right, but from an infinite number of points all around you. This multidimensional approach enables audio storytelling that envelops listeners in an expanded sound field, allowing designers to create fully immer­sive experiences where sound can be perceived as coming from everywhere.

Meyer Sound’s Spacemap Go tool provides a way to connect its audio products so that complex sound concepts realize unique spatial effects. Visitors to live shows can thus not only “hear” but be directly immersed in impressive sound experiences. In this interview, Meyer Sound presents its Spacemap Go tool and talks about the role of sustainability within the company.

1. Immersive sound solutions have been in everyone’s ears for several years. What are the advantages of your tool Spacemap Go?

Spacemap Go Meyer SoundSpacemap Go is a revolutionary tool that redefines spatial sound design and live mixing. lt is available as a free download for iPads from the App Store and can be connected to one or more GALAXY processors. Intuitive controls on the iPad let you literally move sound in real time with the swipe of a finger. Spacemap Go is particularly capable in live production environments that demand the realization of complex sound concepts.

2. Sustainability is also becoming increasingly important in the event industry. Your local partners recently supported Audi in the implementation of a sustainable Brand Experience Center with your systems. What role does sustainability play for your company in general?

Green Business Meyer Sound

Meyer Sound has strived to act in a holistically sustainable manner since its founding in 1979. All Meyer Sound products are designed and manufactured at its headquarters in Berkeley, California. In addition to the highest sound quality and reliability, the loudspeaker systems are characterized by class-leading durability. Manufacturing strives for a zero-waste philosophy and employes various material recycling programs. This and many other measures are taken into account as the company believes in the philosophy that “green business is good business”. This is also reflected through our Bay Area Green Business Certification, a status Meyer Sound has held for over 10 years.

3. Many trade fairs have not taken place for two years. What now is the importance of trade fairs?

We engage in a constant and active communication exchange with our customers and partners – a principal that has always been close to our hearts. Personal contact still plays a major role for us even in today’s digitalized times. Digital tools and technologies such as Zoom bring us many benefits. They can make communication more efficient, however they will never completely replace in-person meetings. That’s why trade shows continue to be important calendar events as they enable us to meet with friends and stakeholders throughout the industry. Furthermore, it is really only through live experiences that our products can be fully appreciated, and tradeshows provide an ideal platform for engaging audiences through our demonstrations.

4. We are optimistic about the future and assume that Prolight + Sound 2022 will take place. Are you currently planning to attend and if so, will there be any surprises?

Yes, we will be there next year! We are looking forward to showing visitors the products and innovations that make Meyer Sound special with demonstrations in our Meyer Sound Sonic Lounge. There are no announcements to be made at this stage, but we are excited and you would be right to be curious.

Images: Meyer Sound