Chemtrol: “Meet world-wide professionals from all parts of the sector”

The spanish specialist in entertainment systems, Chemtrol, returns to the Prolight + Sound for the fifth time. We met Pavel Tragan, International Business Development Manager of Chemtrol, for an interview where he gave us some interesting insights into the company, the industry as well as the upcoming Prolight + Sound 2019.

What kind of products does your company offer? Which quality standards are vital for your products?

National Army Conference_ChemtrolChemtrol is a specialist entertainment systems contractor that brings the traditionally distinct disciplines of Stage Engineering, Audiovisual systems design and Performance Lighting systems design under one single dome.

The company has over 25 years of experience providing integrated entertainment systems packages to performance venues worldwide. The company offers a wide range of services and products including engineering, installation, commissioning, training and maintenance of specialized structures, machinery, lighting, sound, communications, conference, projection, seating and electricity for all type of performing arts and entertainment centres.

After more than 25 years of works, Chemtrol enjoys an undisputed reputation within the stage equipment industry, with a leading position in a growing sector which keeps providing new opportunities to those enterprises focused on satisfying customers' needs with professionalism, responsibility and technical capacity to deal with the continuous technological developments.

Each stage space on which we have participated has resulted in a unique opportunity in terms of technical, operational and human factors; enhancing our experience and understanding and allowing us to face any type of project, regardless of its magnitude and complexity.

Chemtrol has the ISO 9001: 2015 certification for Engineering and Installation of Scenic Equipment. Its Quality Policy is based on customer satisfaction and the continuous improvement of its design, manufacturing and assembly processes applied to stage equipment installations.

How would you describe your company in only five words?

Theatres & Global Stage Solutions.

How has your industry changed since starting your business and what kind of potentials do you see for the future?

As with many other sectors, our industry has become global worldwide. That means new opportunities are now on international projects in which systems integration companies with the right experience and know how can offer solutions for large and complex stage equipment and entertainment projects.

For how many times have you participated at “Prolight + Sound” as an exhibitor? What are your motives for participation?

We already participate at Prolight + Sound five times as an exhibitor. The biggest European global entertainment technology show with high number of visitors and international decision makers.

What can visitors expect from visiting the exhibition in 2019?

Get together all of the global industry. Meet world-wide professionals from all parts of the sector – from rigging, professional illumination, AV, retailers and distributors, studio operators, planners and event managers, to DJs, engineers, advisors, and systems integrators in centre of Europe. Everybody can meets its community.

Photo source: Chemtrol

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