Global Truss: “An indicator for the development of the industry”

For two decades Global Truss has been producing high quality and reliable aluminium products. Founded in 2000 by a handful of visionaries, the Karlsruhe-based company has lived up to its name and has developed into one of the world's leading truss manufacturers. With the world's largest truss sales warehouse in the heart of Europe and further logistics hubs in the USA and Asia, the course is set for global expansion. In an interview, Oliver Braun, Head of Marketing, reveals why Prolight + Sound is one of the most important trade fairs for the sector.

1. As the manufacturer with the most truss systems, you are the market leader in this field. What do you pay attention to when developing a new system?

Global Truss Oliver braun

Oliver Braun, Head of Marketing Global Truss GmbH

We currently carry 25 truss systems. Some truss systems are only designed for a specific application, others are simply more in demand in different markets than our standard systems. During development it is important to us to bring a system to the market that on the one hand appeals to many users and on the other hand can be widely distributed in the market.

2. How has the industry changed since you started production? What potential still exists in this area?

In the past there were a few manufacturers and no OEM production. Today there are many more truss brands than manufacturers and this leads to a stronger competition. The potential is still great, although it is becoming more and more difficult to develop sales markets, because these are now already occupied and there is more cut-throat competition.

3. You have been taking part in Prolight + Sound as an exhibitor for several years now. Why?

Prolight + Sound is still the biggest and most important trade fair in the sector. It is a meeting place for our customers from all over the world. Our geographical proximity to Frankfurt - our headquarters are near Karlsruhe - makes it logistically easy for us to exhibit there.

4. What significance does Prolight + Sound have for you as a trade fair for event technology?

Global Truss F34 DNA

Global Truss F34 DNA

Prolight + Sound is the largest meeting place for the sector and is of outstanding importance to us in the trade fair calendar. For us, it is an indicator of how the industry is developing and how our new products are received by customers.

5. With regard to Prolight + Sound 2020: Can you give visitors a small foretaste of what they can expect?

We will be presenting a revised version of the PINNEX, a tool that allows you to disassemble trusses quickly, easily and very quietly. We will also present our new stage roof and the new F35 truss system.

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